The Time Yeezy Gave Great Advice
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The Time Yeezy Gave Great Advice

Wise words of Kanye

The Time Yeezy Gave Great Advice

I'm a big Kanye West fan and my opinion maybe biased, but it seems as if he is always highlighted in the media for the wrong reasons. After doing tons of research and following him for a few years he's the most influential person out there.

1. "I'm going down as a legend whether you like it or not"

This just states that regardless of what others think of you, you should always follow your passion. The thing is there will always be someone out their who does't like you and if you let them limit your capabilities you will always be stuck in the same place as life passes you by.

2."Believe in your flyness. Conquer your shyness"

It's human nature to be nervous and it's good to be nervous, but you can't let that take over you. Nervousness actually limits your abilities. I know this from experience because I have been playing tennis for the past seven years of my life and took private lessons when it came to playing in the UTSA tournaments I was so nervous. Regardless of how good I either dropped out of the tournament or screwed up.

3. "You ain't gotta like me; I like me"

This kind of relates to the first quote as in not everyone is going to like you. That is perfectly okay because people come and go in life, but the only person that sticks with you during your highs and lows is yourself. You might not have everything you want, but you can either whine about it or just accept and embrace it.

4."I feel like I'm too busy writing history to even read it."

Set goals and don't tell anyone about them. Become so infused in your own success that you forget that it even happened.

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