I hope when I'm older, I will remember the year 2016 as the year that everything went wrong. Scratch that. I hope when I'm older, I don't remember this year at all. It's pretty safe to say that the bad outweighed the good, demons came to life, and my worst nightmares became a reality. What a year it was, indeed and I'm leaving it all behind. Especially the things I should have left behind long ago.

1. Negativity

I struggle to see the best in every situation and this is something that I always wanted to change about myself. It feels like something goes wrong and I take it like it's the end of the world and it could never get better from here. That isn't the case. If this last year has taught me anything, it's that your attitude is what gets you into the situations you're in and keeps you trapped there. Instead of looking at the glass like it's half full, or half empty, realize that the glass is always refillable.

2. Toxic Relationships

My eyes were opened to a lot of people that were in my life who were doing more hurt than good. This last year I had friends turn into strangers and family turn into enemies. If someone isn't putting as much into your relationship as you are, you need to let them go. If someone is hurting you more than they're doing good for you, you need to let them go as well.

3. Gluten

For those of you who don't know what gluten is, it is the sticky substance in basically all foods that rips us Celiacs' stomachs apart. Gluten was created by the devil himself to wreak havoc to those who can't digest it. I found a couple health food stores around my town and I'm starting from there.

4. My Scale

I started becoming very reliant on checking my weight every single day and the ONLY thing this did for my body was destroy my self image. I started to think that the number that it read was how pretty I was that day. Get rid of that thing. Just be healthy without a piece of metal with a number on it telling you your worth.

5. Ex Boyfriends

Did you ever have an annoying cough that just won't go away? Same thing. This last year was spent trying to relight old cigarettes and I can't preach enough that they never taste the same. If you have someone in your life who just won't go away, do yourself a favor and block their number, delete all of those pictures, and sell the jewelry. You don't need that anymore.

You know that horrible saying that we all say at the beginning of a new year? I'm screaming it this year. Welcome 2017. New year, new me; and I promise you this is real this time.