Covered in the heat blanket of August was the coal black asphalt

Caked by kickball games, Light-Up Sketchers

And the memories of those who dared to study the scrolls of childhood

I myself was very happy, white Filas and all

As the magic school bus came to sweep up our camp

Built-in Rocket boosters and eyes the size of basketballs

We flocked in, goslings aged seven through nine

Flying Saucers for lunch boxes

And Cookie Monster book bags

Maybe, just maybe my camp counselor would transform into Ms. Frizzle

There's nothing wrong with Semi-Psychedelic Hipster Science teachers

I decided I wanted to be one three weeks ago

Atlantis was within minutes of my grasp

Gameboy Advance for a bus partner and

Dolphins that floated aimlessly across the bus ceiling

The sharks? They didn't bite

They swiveled, torpedos in the air

Haunting, mesmerizing

I wasn't afraid of Jaws

For I had grown my set of gills that summer

And began to float

When we arrived in Atlantis

Golden Cobblestone walkways cut through grass like razor blades

Barbershop clean and ready to be abusively pummeled by the feet little second graders

And holy hell, that's the biggest mother******* whale I've ever seen.

As we got inside, a dorsal fin sprouted out of my back

And god damn it hurt but if that meant I could swim with my friends, why not

As I got to the lunch table, I hit the folks with the super deluxe lunchable pack, filled with gold doubloons from Davey Jones

Locker, grape kool-aid and a toy

It was a limited edition Nikola Tesla figure riding a Delorean, and when turned on, he drifts and makes pi... I'm sorry. Donuts,

around the tables in The Krusty Krab.

So when you ever ask, did you really go to Atlantis? It doesn't exist?

Honestly, I go there every day.

In my books, in my dreams,

Every time I want to throw my calculus book at the library window.

Every time… I go there.