Poetry On Odyssey: The Summer I Grew Gills

Poetry On Odyssey: The Summer I Grew Gills

I wasn't afraid of Jaws.


Covered in the heat blanket of August was the coal black asphalt

Caked by kickball games, Light-Up Sketchers

And the memories of those who dared to study the scrolls of childhood

I myself was very happy, white Filas and all

As the magic school bus came to sweep up our camp

Built-in Rocket boosters and eyes the size of basketballs

We flocked in, goslings aged seven through nine

Flying Saucers for lunch boxes

And Cookie Monster book bags

Maybe, just maybe my camp counselor would transform into Ms. Frizzle

There's nothing wrong with Semi-Psychedelic Hipster Science teachers

I decided I wanted to be one three weeks ago

Atlantis was within minutes of my grasp

Gameboy Advance for a bus partner and

Dolphins that floated aimlessly across the bus ceiling

The sharks? They didn't bite

They swiveled, torpedos in the air

Haunting, mesmerizing

I wasn't afraid of Jaws

For I had grown my set of gills that summer

And began to float

When we arrived in Atlantis

Golden Cobblestone walkways cut through grass like razor blades

Barbershop clean and ready to be abusively pummeled by the feet little second graders

And holy hell, that's the biggest mother******* whale I've ever seen.

As we got inside, a dorsal fin sprouted out of my back

And god damn it hurt but if that meant I could swim with my friends, why not

As I got to the lunch table, I hit the folks with the super deluxe lunchable pack, filled with gold doubloons from Davey Jones

Locker, grape kool-aid and a toy

It was a limited edition Nikola Tesla figure riding a Delorean, and when turned on, he drifts and makes pi... I'm sorry. Donuts,

around the tables in The Krusty Krab.

So when you ever ask, did you really go to Atlantis? It doesn't exist?

Honestly, I go there every day.

In my books, in my dreams,

Every time I want to throw my calculus book at the library window.

Every time… I go there.

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8 Ways To Paint Kindness Rocks Like A Boss

Never underestimate the power of modge podge.

A random acts of kindness movement has swept the WORLD! The Kindness Rocks Project has chapters in cities throughout the United States and in various countries. Learn more about the global movement here, and the 12 ways it will make your day!

The mission of the project is to spread random acts of kindness in your community and one way to do it is by painting rocks for other people to find. They then get to re-hide the rocks to pay it forward unless there is one they are particularly attached to and want to keep.

With a Facebook group name on the back, they can post a picture to that group so you see some of the people who find your rocks and where they take them to. So if you'd like to be a part of this fun activity and life enriching movement, you're going to need to know how to paint your rocks. I've learned some techniques from several rock artists in my area, including how to help them endure the elements.

Without this know-how, your rocks will look like this:

Before I knew about Kindness Rocks, I painted these with my daughter for our garden. I sprayed them with sealant but in no time at all they became very weathered. Now I know how to make them last as well as a few other tricks!

Here are 8 tips and tricks for painting your kindness rocks like a boss:

1. River Rocks Work Best

While there is no rule about what kind of rocks you use to paint kindness rocks, it is definitely easier to use river rocks because they have such a smooth surface. You can get a bag full at any hardware store!

2. Paint, Seal with Mod Podge, then one final seal with clear spray paint

As recommended by the The Kindness Rocks Project's official webpage, the best way to seal the rocks so they can weather the elements is by painting one coat of clear mod podge over the dried paint, then finishing it with one clear coat of spray paint.

3. Label, Seal, and Dry Backs First

Rather than flipping back and forth between drying times, you can finish the back first and once dry concentrate on the art and sealing on the front. The back should have your local Facebook Chapter on it so that when the rock is found across the country or the world, the person can find your group to let you know where it has traveled.

4. Use Contrasting Colors

Nothing will make your art and message POP like incorporating sharp contrasts in your design. The kind messages on these rocks really shine with their light color against the dark background.

5. When storing or transporting the rocks, use parchment paper between them

This will prevent scuffing on the paint while they are still newly designed and sealed and help them last longer.

6. Don't forget to be inspiring

Remember that the purpose of the project is to spread kindness. There are endless possibilities. You can be funny, motivational, light-hearted, or entertaining; try to create rock designs that can make someone else's day.

7. Use Sharpie Paint Pens for Details

Straight lines and details may be difficult with a paint brush but sharpie pens make the job a little easier.

8. Designs can also be mod podged on!

Check out how blogger Fireflies and Mudpies uses stickers and Mod Podge to decorate kindness rocks! If you'd like to join the movement but don't feel particularly artistic, or you just don't want a mess, this is a great way to do it! You can use stickers or cutouts of paper as long as the rocks are smooth and you use plenty of Mod Podge!

If you've thought of joining the movement, these tips are a great place to start. You can also share these tricks with friends so that more people can participate.

Check Facebook for your local chapter or find out how to start your own by visiting The Kindness Rocks Project's official page and have a rock painting party with friends. The craft is not only fun but exponentially meaningful! What are some of your favorite tricks?

Cover Image Credit: The Kindness Rocks Project / Instagram

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Ocean Child: A Poem

i am an expanse of power, and don't you forget it.


i am an expanse of blue

a scene of serene

a bittersweet blend of blithe contentedness and rootless melancholy

i am the ocean's child

both vast and modest

i am the playful rippling waves that tickle the webs of your feet

i am the roaring black current that will swallow you whole in its unsympathetic arms

i am measured by the duplicity of my disposition

saccharine and sinister

pleasant and powerful

i am in constant flux and flow

ebbing and eroding

i am everything all at once

i am ever present and ever changing

i am a beautiful and beastly force of nature

and i am in want of nothing.

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