The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter Two
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The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter Two

Quake and Sieri get to know each other.

The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter Two
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The final bell rings. School is finally over. I show Sieri back to our room, and show her where she can put her stuff. Every room is like a two bedroom apartment, with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a small place to do homework, and one bathroom. All of which was tightly but neatly packed together.

“Wow! This is so cool! I can not believe I am in Witchwood Academy’s dorms! Much less Quake Wanderlust's room!” Sieri practically screams.

“Yeah.. so if you want we can go to your caretaker's house and gather your things? It's only about three, so if we hurry we can unpack your things and still have dinner…” I say mumbling the last part.

“Yes of course! Let's go!”


When we get back to our dorm I notice that most of Sieri’s things consist of pastel dresses, light colored skirts, and plain shirts. She also has some posters with inspirational quotes, and bands from a long time ago like 'One Direction’ and 'Five Seconds Of Summer’. The decorations are almost the opposite of the ones in my room, while Sieri has cute things like fluffy stuffed animals, and bright colored nail polish, my room consists of mostly shirts, shorts, pants and sneakers, with the occasional book and phone charger-yes, Magic Born use phones, we cannot do everything, ya know! I look at the clock and see that it was almost seven.

“Hey… Um we should get going to the restaurant…” I half whisper.

“Oh yeah! Let's get going!”


The Tulip is a nice restaurant, and as you would expect, it has pink, red, and yellow tulips adorning the walls. Sieri looks at me, pondering.

“You are not a vegetarian, are you?”

“Um.. no? Why…?” I ask quietly.

“You’ll see.” She winks.

When looking at the menu, I see most of the items on the menu contained expensive meats, including one my favorites. Cibus steak. But I don’t have enough money with me.

“Why do you want? You can get anything! It's on me.” I smile and order the cibus steak. It is delicious. Throughout the date we talk and talk about various things. After the date, we start walking home. After we got home Sieri looks at me gives me a kiss. As my lips buzz, we go to bed.

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