The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter One
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The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter One

Quake has an unexpected encounter in his school cafeteria.

The Stone Of Gnash - Chapter One
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I sit alone. That’s not really unusual. I always sit alone during lunch. I’ve been doing it since I was a freshman, and as a senior, I still do. Someone like me could have no friends. Unless, if by friends you mean people who beat you up and mutter ‘numsie’ as they passed you by. If that's what you mean, I have plenty. My real name is Quake, Quake Wanderlust.

I quietly eat my lunch in the cafeteria, as I dread my next class. My magic type is Numets magic. The rarest type. I possess the power of both life and death, the life part pretty much just bringing inanimate things to life for a short amount of time. If I were to want to bring the dead back, or create whole new life forms, well, let's just say there are laws forbidding that. Everyone that has Numets magic has turned out evil so far, but they always seemed evil from the start. I know I would never become like them. If you ever to care to go to the shops with me you would see that I would never even step on an aspergillus, an ant like creature. But the students at Witchwood Academy refuse to go anywhere with me, let alone the shops.

I return my focus to my lunch, staring blankly at my food. I hear someone set down their plate next to me, and I feel as if I am being stared at.

“Hi!” A peppy voice cheers.

“Hello…” I'm still staring at my food.

“So… I saw you sitting alone…”

“Yeah…? An-” This time I look up to see a beautiful girl. She has short, orange hair shaped in a pixie cut, and she wears a light pink baby doll dress with short white heels. Her green eyes and nose fit her ebony face perfectly.

“Oh.. oh my… oh my god!” She almost screams, “Your Quake! The Quake Wanderlust!!”

At this point I am positive that she will run away from me, as everyone does. But instead she stays. But not from the paralyzation of fear. The face I expect to be filled with terror is filled with excitement, and amazement.

“Y-you a-aren't scared of me?” The girl looks at me, shaking her head furiously. Her eyes wide and filled with joy.

“No! Of course not! You are so awesome! My name is Sieri! Sieri Rose Pierce.” The girl, I mean Sieri, thinks for a minute. “Hey, do you have a roommate? My caretakers finally agreed to let me go to school here, so I am new and I have no room yet…”

“A-are you sure? You aren't scared that I’m going to… kill you or... something…?”

“Why would you do that? Besides, even if something like that happened, you could bring me back. Besides, I would love to go on missions with you, I use ignus magic.” Sieri pulls up her hand, showing a small flame. She forms the flame into a hopping bunny, then back into a regular flame. At that, it disappears.

“W-wow! I mean, if you really want to stay with me you can… my dorm room number is 728…” I say stumbling to get the spare key off of my key chain. Sieri looks at my struggle, and giggles.

“It’s okay Quake! Once you chose a roommate, you get to have that same schedule as them! I guess we'll just have to stick together all the time!” She laughs again, “I guess that means that we will have to go to dinner together! Let’s go to The Tulip! It’s this really nice restaurant downtown! It could be like a date! On me!”

Before I can respond, the bell indicating the next class rings.

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