We've all had that moment when we get invited to a big party that everyone on campus has been talking about. It's the event of the year to some, and most of the people you know will be attending. Parties of this magnitude involve an extensive amount of planning, and do we really want to deal with all the hassle that comes along with the party environment?

1. When someone tries to hype you up by telling you 'It'll be the best party you've ever been to!'

2. When you finally find the perfect outfit to wear, after spending hours searching through your closet.

3. When your friends are all talking about what to wear so you decide to chime in.

4. When your friends ask you why you're taking so long to get ready.

5. When you look in the mirror and start feeling yourself before you head to the party.

6. When you walk in and don't see any of your friends in the crowd.

7. When the host tries to show me the food before the alcohol.

8. When you see someone you use to be friends with and it brings back all the feels.

9. When you overhear someone trying to talk shit about your outfit.

10. When you get handed your first drink of the night.

11. When you see the one person you hate walking into the party.

12. when you manage to help a friend out of an awkward situation.

13. When you start to feel like you've had one too many drinks; but you end up in the kitchen making another. It's time to debate your life choices.

14. When someone tries to drunkenly tell you everything about their personal life.

15. When you're trying to give your bestie a pep talk so she can go talk to the guy she likes.

16. When your favorite song comes on and you get excited.

17. When you think you did something really cool, but it's just a basic task.

18. When your friend starts acting like there is something wrong, but won't tell you what it is.

19. When you get confident and start telling everyone your ideas for financial success.

21. When you start loving all over your best friend cause you've had a few too many drinks.

22. When you see that girl who is picking up after everyone during the whole party.

23. When your ex tries to come flirt with you.

24. When your bestie starts to question why you're drinking so much.

25. When you start to come down with the drunken munchies, and taco bell seems like heaven.

26. When someone tries to call you out for doing drunken nonsense.

27. When a couple you don't like starts trying to give you relationship advice.

28. When you wake up and realize you got way too drunk last night.

Party responsibly everyone!