The 14 Stages Of Getting To See Your Long-Distance Best Friend

Seeing your best friend for the first time in a while is always a special event complete with excitement, screaming, jumping up and down, and maybe a few tears. Inspired by current true events, here are the stages of getting to see your long-distance best friend.

1. Cautious excitement

You make a tentative plan, but you aren’t sure if it will actually happen. Until you know for sure, you keep the visit hush-hush and don’t get your hopes up

2. Solidifying the plans

When my best friend said she would see me for sure I screamed and jumped up and down. Three months is a long time, people.

3. She's coming!

4. Jump up and down a lot.

5. Extreme excitement

More jumping, more screaming, some all caps texting.

6. Begin the countdown.

7. Tell everyone.

8. Start planning ALL the activities.

9. They become the only important thing in your life.

10. Text her daily how excited you are.

11. Don’t sleep all night before she comes.

12. Barely sit still all day before she gets there.

13. Cry when you see her beautiful face and finally get to hug her.

14. Kill it the whole time you are with her, as usual.

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