In Acts 16, we find a story involving Paul and Silas. They are in a town that is foreign to them, they are going along their merry way, doing the work of the Lord and BAM! A little fortune teller girl comes along and ruins everything! There was a spirit dwelling in the little girl and it recognized the power that was inside of Paul and Silas and while they were on their way to prayer, she followed them and taunted them to the point that Paul became “greatly annoyed” (v. 18, ESV) and commanded the spirit to come out of the her and it did!

Perhaps you are sitting there wondering, ‘How does this ruin everything?’


The little girl’s owners had been making a lot of money off of her divination and now that the spirit was gone, her “gift” was gone. They lost their income. So, they took Paul and Silas before the town leaders, accused them, beat them and threw them into prison. They put them in the inner part of the prison – to make sure they did not escape – and bound their feet to stocks.

Perhaps you are sitting there wondering, ‘What does this have to do with music?’


Paul and Silas had been accused of things that were not true, beaten, bound and thrown into jail. Everything looked hopeless but… When midnight rolled around, the pair was “praying” and “singing hymns to God” (v. 25, ESV). STOP RIGHT THERE!!! How often do we have a cold or break a nail or have a flat tire and totally give up on the Lord?! Paul and Silas had been through all of those horrible things but were worshipping, at midnight no less! The prisoners were listening to them (v. 25, ESV) and the jailers were probably listening to them but, you know who else was listening?! God the Father. The one with all power in His hand. He sent an earthquake so strong that all the doors in the prison open and all the bonds were broken. Paul and Silas walked right out of that jail and continued preaching the Gospel of Christ, even though they had been through some of the worst things we could ever imagine - all for the Glory of the Gospel!

Music. It’s a powerful thing. When you are going through the worst times of your life and you are not sure what to do. Pray. And sing to the Lord, your God. He is listening and waiting to send a earthquake for you!