The Song Of The Season
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The Song Of The Season

It's time we choose to sing a different tune.

The Song Of The Season
The Culture Concept Circle

As an avid news junky, I've been watching major headlines pop-up throughout the year that have rattled our nation: Syria. Police shootings. Hurricane Matthew. The election. Whatever your opinion is about any of the subjects, one thing's for sure is that I'm tired of the song that we keep on singing.

What I mean is, I'm tired of seeing people cast judgment on to others. It's so sad to see us point fingers at who's at fault for the shortcomings in our country instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and trying to peacefully promote change. It's frustrating that some preach for inclusivity, and yet still have the nerve to outcast those that are against their stance or whom they completely disagree with. It's sad that the moment something terrible happens, we turn to Facebook to share our opinions of the world's problems instead of taking time to surrender the things we feel we cannot change and go to the One who can.

It's extremely disheartening that anger, bitterness, doubt, and fear have taken over our lives. We've given into the media's ideas of how we should feel, playing into the rhetoric of how we should think about the topic. We've lost our sense of need for God's presence and direction in our lives and instead have put our reliance fully on people.

My friends, it's time to sing a different tune.

Instead of singing the song of fear and hopeless, let's change the tune to love, mercy, and forgiveness. Let's love and educate those that are most difficult or challenging to us. Let's extend mercy and forgive those that have hurt us, who don't understand the need to do more or whom disconnect themselves from the issues in our world. Let's devote time into seriously praying for our world. Let's choose hope despite the circumstances around us.

Our hope cannot be in just people. We're stubborn, selfish, and sinful. We disappoint each other constantly. But in the same way that God forgives us and chooses to use us, we can do the same; knowing fully well that humanity itself cannot rescue us, but the God of hope, love, and forgiveness, the God of this world, will.

As dire as the world may seem, we cannot give up. We cannot sit back and let evil rule in this world. We have to stand up and make a difference. We need to help those that are lost, poor, and heart broken. We need to love people as we love ourselves. We cannot let evil over come us, but instead be overcome with good.

Although prayer is powerful, it's not enough just to pray. We must be a move of God. In faith, we must peacefully make a difference in this world. The more you open your heart to the hurting people of this world, the more compassion we spread and the more we are adept in resolving major issues in our world. But while doing so, let's sing the song of love and not hate.

My challenge to you is to become more involved. In prayer. In serving. In loving people well. In educating humbly. Take some time to disconnect from social media and refocus on what matters and who's really in control. Our hope is and should always be in the Lord. We will see changes in this world when we commit ourselves in serving the Kingdom and put our trust in Him.

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