It's Only A Matter Of Time Until The Sixers Are World Champions Again

It's Only A Matter Of Time Until The Sixers Are World Champions Again

Sixers basketball is back--and better than ever.


I've been a Philadelphia 76ers fan ever since I was in diapers. I've followed the team since I picked up the game of basketball at a young age.

I was 4 years old when Allen Iverson led an abysmal Sixers squad to the 2001 NBA Finals against the dominant Los Angeles Lakers. Philly ended up losing that series 4-1, but I'll never forget witnessing Iverson's famous step-over on the Lakers' Ty Lue, cheering and whooping from my bedside. I don't remember much from that age, but I'll always remember that.

Fast forward 18 years and the Sixers are finally a team to be reckoned with. More importantly, they are no longer a laughingstock of a franchise, as they had been for so many long, grueling decades. The team arguably boasts 3 of the top 15 players in the NBA, in superstars Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Jimmy Butler. They have 39 wins and 22 losses thus far, the 4th best record in the East and 6th best in the league. There are heavy Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals expectations for the club, something that Philly fans haven't heard for quite some time.

Along with the Eagles, the Sixers are the talk of the town. Arenas are no longer empty, with tickets at $5 a pop. Billboards are lined with advertisements to witness the championship-caliber team live. It's been a long haul and many seasons filled with let-downs and headaches, but true Sixers basketball is back.

But, to acknowledge where we are now, we must acknowledge where we came from. Before the 2017-18 season, the Sixers made the playoffs 4 times in 12 years. They hadn't made the playoffs since the 2011-12 season, losing in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In the 2015-16 season, the Sixers were 10-72, the second-worst record in franchise history. The team hadn't had a groundbreaking player on the roster since Iverson, now a Hall of Famer. There was nothing to lose, as the only way to go from here was up.

Then, Sam Hinkie took over the reins as General Manager and President of Basketball Operations in 2013. For the next 3 seasons, Hinkie decided to tank (or have the Sixers be non-competitive to compile high draft picks) and created mass hysteria in the league by doing so. He was shamed and ridiculed by NBA executives leaguewide for making such a monumental waste and sacrifice of multiple seasons.

Hinkie's method became known as "The Process", evolving into the popular mantra we know now as "Trust the Process". Long story short, Hinkie's purposeful indifference and flurry of draft-day trades resulted in acquiring the likes of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz, and other well-known names. Hinkie stepped down at the end of the 2016 season. After a few recent major moves, the Sixers boast one of the league's best starting 5 lineups: Embiid, Simmons, Butler, JJ Redick, and Tobias Harris. The momentum of success is only trending upwards. We really only have one person to thank here--you can guess who. We still chant his name.

It's been a long time coming that the Sixers are making Philly a proud basketball city again. From a diehard basketball fan, words can't describe my joy of coming home at the end of a long day and watching my favorite team do well. Regardless of the high expectations, the Sixers may not fulfill them this year. On a beaming note, the team is full of young stars and the potential looks fantastic for years to come.

As amazing as the Super Bowl win was, Philly is never satisfied with just one championship. Keep a watchful eye on the Sixers--we'll be celebrating on Broad Street again soon enough.

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An Open Letter To My College Freshman Roommate

Be sure to send this to your college freshmen roommate if you love them as much as I love mine!


Dear College Freshmen Roommate,

To be honest, my first impression of you was a quiet, shy private catholic school girl. (Wow, this couldn't have been the farthest thing from the truth)! I remember walking behind you and your boyfriend on the way to the bars on our very first night of Summer B. I kept thinking how much you didn't like me because you didn't say hi to me. Little did I know, after admitting to each other our unfortunate first impressions of each other years later, you were just being cognizant of me because you thought I was a real-life version of Regina George from Mean Girls. It turns out you weren't the shy, private school girl I thought you were and I definitely wasn't as cool as Regina George after all.

Lexi Garber

It didn't take much time for us to become best friends. You had me at "So, do you know what a mountain melt is from Ale House?" After this day, I knew we were going to be lifelong friends and celebrate our passion for carbs, fast food, and sugar together. You make friendship seem so easy. You're always down to study whenever, leave the library whenever, and most importantly, get Chick-Fil-A no matter what our budget is or how broke we are. You always pick up the phone and support all the bad decisions I make. You ALWAYS figure out all my Wordscape puzzles for me and support my real life Candy Crush addiction.

Lexi Garber

I realize that you give me a slice of home when my mom doesn't answer the phone. I love that we always get to talk about our high school memories together because every story is a new and exciting one for both of us. Sometimes I'm happy we met in college because we would have caused way too much trouble in high school together. Besides, I get to hear about how much of an awesome volleyball player you were and I tell you about crazy my lacrosse years. Although, I will say how much it sucks when we go home for summer and winter break because I do get major separation anxiety!

Lexi Garber

When we go out, you know we're requesting ALL Luke Combs songs and sing until our voices are gone. Whether it be going out to the club, binge-eating, studying at the library, watching the Bachelor in your apartment, going to football tailgates or watching baseball games together, we are ALWAYS laughing. You have this amazing brightness and you only radiate positivity and happiness. I can't wait to see what the rest of college has in store for us. I feel so grateful that I got the chance to meet you and call you one of my true, lifelong best friends. I love you to Infinity (the place where it all began) and Back!


Lexi Garber

Forever and Always,

your college freshmen roommate

Lexi Garber

Lexi Garber

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Vacation Withdrawal Teaches You To Live In The Moment

What makes traveling so special? It's the moments you wish were never going to end while they were still happening with the people you love.


I have always loved to travel and explore the world. I love to meet new people, try new food, and enjoy every single moment of my life while I can in a new destination. Whenever I go on a new trip, I open my Notes App in my iPhone and quickly jot down each memory of each day so I can look back, and never forget what happened on that day and night.

Doing this makes the withdrawal process a little harder, because other than pictures, I can actually look back and remember what certain people have said, or get a slight glimpse of how I was exactly feeling in that moment. I promise you, once I get back on a vacation, I will be looking at those jotted notes for months on end. Vacation withdrawal hits me way too hard.

Traveling is all fun and games unless you suffer from extreme vacation withdrawal afterward as I do. Maybe I get attached to my lifestyle and people I have met too quickly in those short few days, and don't want to return back to reality. It's a hard concept to grasp, but you eventually get over it, or at least I try to. Songs, photos, tan lines...anything can be a constant reminder of the fun you had and the desire to return and live every moment again.

Recently, I went on a girls trip with some of my good friends in my sorority for spring break to Daytona Beach, Florida. Let me just say, it was a typical college spring break experience I could never forget. After a woman Donna drove up to us on the beach, (yes, apparently they do that in the South) and offered us VIP cards to get into any bar for free, and not pay for a single drink every night from 8-10PM, we were completely sold and ready to embark on a new cool experience while we can.

She handed us over a schedule on a bright yellow paper decorated in palm trees, perfect for the Florida weather, of a list of the schedule of every bar, pool party and restaurant "everyone would be at." Maybe it was a scam, maybe it wasn't, but it was worth giving it a try.

I am so damn glad we gave it a try. My friends and I would spend our days chilling poolside or on the beach soaking up the sun, and then would come back to our hotel room all crispy and tan ready to have a fun girls night out. If you are a girl, you already understand the beauty of getting ready together with loud music playing and looking through each other's suitcases for the perfect top because everything you own just can't work for that specific night. The four of us barely spent money every time we went out to these college kid-filled bars.

But the fun part of all of this was the fact that once we made a solid friend group, we saw the same people out each night. Between boys from London we met on the beach, or Southern Gentleman from the deep south of Georgia, we felt comfortable entering a bar each night and somehow finding familiar faces from the night before. Let me just say, I had not one problem teaching these people from the south or the UK how to properly fist pump to EDM music like how we do it back in New Jersey. I always bring a little piece of home with me wherever I go. How much of an impact on their trip did we have on them? Unfortunately, we'll never know.

Girls trips are special, and it's hard to understand until the moment you step foot in the airport on the way home, and in my case, back to the freezing cold weather. There is just something so fun about spending the day together laughing over the night before, sharing clothes, dancing with new people, and making crazy memories. Who else would a DJ pull into the DJ booth and let them dance in front of an entire club while they created music for everyone to dance to? I think that is why the withdrawal process of going away becomes so difficult afterward.

It's similar to living with girls in a house in college- you stay with your best friends every day and never get tired of leaving and returning back home to life, not as a student. When you are on vacation, especially in a tropical area like Florida for a few short days, you become accustomed to the lifestyle of a nice hotel, ocean view, quick day at the beach and never want to return home to unfortunate college stress.

What is important about vacation withdrawal, is that at the moment it teaches you to always live in the moment, and never be afraid to just go for it. Say yes to new opportunities often, and don't shut something down so quickly because it isn't what you are used to. This is how you create memories; step out of your comfort zone and live your life to the fullest while you have complete ability to. Nothing is stopping you from making these special memories with the people you love, or the people you might meet, other than yourself.

"The best moments in your life will be the ones that almost didn't happen, with someone you never expected and in some place you never knew existed"- r.m. Drake

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