Which of the Seven Dwarfs are You?
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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs In A College Setting

They may be fictional characters, but on campus, they are very much existent.


Growing up, I'm sure every child was familiar with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Although at the time it only seemed like a silly cartoon, these fun-loving characters are almost too relatable now that we're in college. Which one are you?


Dopey strolls into block after drinking three Four Lokos and complains he or she is "just a little tipsy" when a friend offers to pay for an Uber home. Dopey's favorite accessories are holographic sunglasses and a beer helmet. Dopey is also the person who gets over-excited when Soulja Boy plays at Bullwinkles and drops whatever he or she is doing to make it to the dance floor to completely botch the dance. Dopey also tips far too much when ordering drinks.


It's mid-August, and the 5th year senior is rolling out of his or her bed in the run-down house off-campus. Only three credits from graduating, Grumpy trudges through campus in the same shirt as yesterday with matching gray sweatpants. All of his or her classmates have graduated, and all that is between now and graduating is "Beer and Wine Studies." Grumpy's social outings include piggy-backing on a freshman at Scott Traditions, dropping by block to steal a few Natural Lights, and attending weekly Ski Club meetings.


Sneezy is synonymous with the out-of-state student who is from a place with significantly fewer allergens than Ohio. The beginning of the fall semester is absolute hell for him or her. If you sit by Sneezy in class, there is a huge chance that all you will be hearing is the sniffing of a nose and the crinkling of a half-empty package of tissues. Don't worry, Sneezy, you will be missing the pollen when the campus is covered in a thick sheet of ice.


Everyone has a love-hate relationship with Doc. He or she is the person who always raising their hand to answer questions in the lectures of 800 students. Although it's frustrating that the professor only knows Doc's name, every student is grateful that there is never any awkward silence when there is a question in a lecture that nobody wants to answer. Doc is also very open about his or her hatred towards Juuls. Keep doing you, Doc, I look forward to hearing your valedictorian speech.


Happy is the sorority girl during recruitment season who seems almost painfully happy and the first-year with an undecided major. Happy is strangely enthusiastic about everything and always smiles at you when you walk by him or her on campus. Happy signs up for all 8 a.m.s to "get the class out of the way," and gets to class 15 minutes early to get a seat in the front row with eight different colored pens.


Bashful is often times the first-year girl at a frat party who gets hit on by a senior boy. He tells her she looks hot instead of beautiful, and she goes home to tell her roommate she met her future husband. Although the senior at the party asked for her number, he never gets in contact, and she just assumes he is busy. All of Bashful's high school friends comment on her Instagram selfies asking "OMG can I be you?" and she responds with "Are you kidding? I wish I was you."


Sleepy is me. Sleepy is you. Sleepy is your RA. Sleepy is your "Introduction to Psychology" professor. Sleepy is the squirrel eating a grilled cheese at Curl Market. Everyone in college is Sleepy. Sleepy believes that a 20-minute nap in between classes makes all of the difference and can always be seen holding some kind of caffeinated beverage. Although still tired after his or her last class on Friday, Sleepy chugs a Red Bull and hits the town. "It's fine, I'm fine" is a go-to catchphrase.

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the most relatable one of all?

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