The Seven Weirdest Things A Child Has Ever Said To Me

The Seven Weirdest Things A Child Has Ever Said To Me

One thing we all know to be true is that kids say the most outrageous, funniest and extremely strangest things sometimes. But that's why we love them!


For as long as I can remember there hasn't been a time when my life didn't consist of being surrounded by kids for most hours out of the day. I guess I love it so much because I basically am a kid, and pretty much will be even when I grow old, because growing old may be mandatory, but as Walt Disney said, growing up is optional. One thing we all know to be true is that kids say the most outrageous, funniest and extremely strangest things sometimes. But that's why we love them! Here are the top ten funniest, memorable and adorable things kids have ever said to me.

1. The Most Unexpected Response Ever

It isn't always easy getting kids to listen. One day I was having a conversation with a camper who was quite the "space cadet" as we like to call them, and I told him he needed to get in line for the next activity. He then proceeded to look me in the eyes and say in all seriousness "I am going to flip you over like a well-done steak." I can say I was not expecting that response what so ever.

2. What Do You Want To Be When You Are Older?

The age old question I always ask kids when I have my first deep conversation with them is "what do you want to be when you grow up?" The typical little kid response is something irrational like a princess or a dinosaur. Well, one little girl said, "When I grow up I want to be a bird watcher." How cute is that?!

3. An Absurd Excuse

I once told one of my campers they had to sit down instead of laying on the ground. Her response was "I can't, I'm a heated hot dog." I was utterly confused and couldn't help but laugh. Needless to say, she still didn't sit down after being told to multiple times because she consistently claimed hotdogs don't sit.

4. My Brother Eats My Shoes

In a conversation, I had with one of the little girls in my tent I asked her if she had any brothers or sisters at home. She said she has one brother named Charlie. We talked about Charlie for a little while after that and she told me "he sometimes eats my shoes" I was a little concerned that a boy was eating shoes and soon came to find out that Charlie was her dog who she called her brother. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and also super comical at the same time because she really had me convinced Charlie was her human brother.

5. The Wise Advice Of A 5-Year-Old

Sometimes it's the things that are random and catch you off guard that are the funniest. One day, a few counselors were sitting around chatting and a little girl came up and all she did was pat me on the back and said: "You don't burp the baby, the baby burps you." I wish I had an explanation for you all but I don't. That's what made it even funnier. It was out of nowhere and irrelevant to anything going on. It's things like those that make the day easier to get through.

6. There Is No Age Limit On Coloring

The number of times kids have asked me if I'm an adult is unreal. And the funny part is I technically am an adult so the answer would be yes, but sometimes I feel like I'm still a kid no matter my age, because let's be really growing up sucks, and admitting to it sucks even more. One thing I will not love to do no matter how old I am is color. One time I was asked by one of my campers "if you're an adult, how come you color still?" Well, kid, I guess you're right I'm not an adult after all. You caught me.

7. Cheezits Make Everything Better

The camp that I work at for the summer is an all-inclusive camp, meaning children with and without disabilities can attend. One day, a mother dropped off her child and she let us know that she was a part of the inclusion portion of camp and that she was on a strict diet. Throughout the day this child would cry and cry and cry but would not tell us what was wrong. Finally, I got her to crack and what she said made me burst out into laughter, but it also filled my heart with joy, because she finally relayed her feelings to me, in the cutest way possible. She said, "I want Cheezits, honey" I felt her own so many levels with this one! Who doesn't want Cheezits, especially when mom said you really shouldn't have them!!!

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