The Sad Reality Of Witch Hunt Politics
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The Sad Reality Of Witch Hunt Politics

What "Being on the Right Side of History" Has Become

The Sad Reality Of Witch Hunt Politics

It sure is a good feeling to be on the "right side of history," as Barack Obama would put it. Or, at least, I would imagine it does. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to say that I am, because I don't hold the same extremely-far-left beliefs as those who claim to be.

Being on the right side of history used to mean voting for Lyndon B. Johnson and supporting equal rights for African-Americans. It used to mean standing alongside Gloria Steinem and fighting sexism in the workplace, so women could have every opportunity that a man has to become successful in the world. It used to mean marching with Harvey Milk in San Francisco to protest discrimination against the gay community.

It's not like that anymore. The people who are currently on "the right side of history" have perverted the idea into something like an angry mob that exists only to conduct "witch hunts" for any potential traces of political-incorrectness in the world. The people currently on the "right side of history" sniff out these unsuspecting victims like big, slobbery K9 units and shine their unforgiving light upon their supposed bigotry for the entire world to see. Their entire purpose of existence is not to fight for social justice, but to arrogantly paint false pictures of people and groups in order to look like the ones who are fighting injustice in the world.

I'm talking, of course, about the "social justice warriors." The "PC Police." The people who will never be satisfied. Because, why should we let Game of Thrones enjoy success as arguably the greatest television show ever made when we can accuse it of racism? Why should we let an NBC commentator refer to U.S. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky as the "female Michael Phelps" (despite that being the highest compliment a female swimmer can achieve, since there has never been an Olympic athlete of any category, let alone women's swimming, who has been more dominant in their sport as Michael Phelps has, until Ledecky in 2016) without somehow turning that into a sexist attack on women?

To anyone out there who fits this description, I have a question for you: what is your end goal? What will the world look like when you're satisfied? Is it a world where people are so afraid to open their mouths in fear of being labeled a bigot that they just stay silent? Where no decision can ever be made in any situation, in any context, without the prior thought of, "Is there any possible way that this can possibly be twisted to look like I'm only catering to straight white males?" Where absolutely no type of group- whether it be a sports team, a book club, a college art history class, or the cast of a television show- can exist without having a quota on certain minority groups?

Here's another example.

This is a picture Republican Speaker Paul Ryan posted online a few months ago. It is him smiling with all of the interns in Republican offices in Washington, D.C. Can you guess what the controversy surrounding the picture was?

You're right: most of the interns are white. You've been programmed by the angry media to see the world only in terms of race. Everything is either liberal or racist. Of course, as soon as this picture was posted, the Internet was quick to lose its mind and call Washington Republicans racist for having a lack of diversity in its network of interns. But, I have a different idea. Before we start our daily race-baiting tantrums, we should consider the fact that the media tells young, non-white Americans that the Republican Party hates them and wants to oppress them on a daily basis. Hence, an extremely small population of non-white millennials who identify as Republican in America. This is why we should dismiss the mental image of large groups full of young, non-white college students standing in line for an interview with Paul Ryan's House office, only to be denied the position because of the color of their skin. That's just not the truth. The pool of applicants for these positions was almost undoubtedly a monochromatic white.

It's official. Any large group of white people is a display of racism. Because, there is only one reason, one state of mind, that could cause such an evil phenomenon: "Sorry, only white people are allowed." There is SURELY no other possible explanation.

I may sound a little extreme in my sarcasm, but this is the reality of today's politics. This is literally what it has come to. We all see it every day.

Why are people like this? Well, I have a theory. To be concise, as I've mentioned this theory in a previous article, the Democratic Party has been using political correctness to take advantage of the sensitive topic of social politics in America by creating an illusion that America is just as racist as it was before the Civil Rights Act of 1965, or just as sexist as it was before the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972. The Democratic Party's trophy tool, the mainstream media, has brainwashed millions of millennials into robots that sense these everyday examples of "social injustice" in everyday matters like the monsters in the Predator movies sense a person's body heat. I believe these people go along with it because it is seen as simply wrong to argue with political correctness; they may also do it out of loyalty to their party, just as a number of Republicans are voting for Donald Trump purely out of party loyalty.

But, what I think is the most powerful reason as to why these "social justice warriors" allow themselves to become these accusation-machines is very simple: they want to feel good about themselves. They want to feel that they are the ones who are fighting racism, sexism, and every other -ism by labeling everything they see with something negative, even (and very often), when none of these -isms are intended by the accused.

They want to feel like they are the ones who are on the right side of history.

Now, I'm not going to let my emotions get the best of me; I understand that these people are a minority within the Democratic Party. Many Republicans may disagree with me, because the witch-hunt culture is very prevalent in pop culture, in the news, in the media, etc. But, that doesn't reflect the Democratic Party, in my opinion. It reflects the obnoxiously loud, pretentious section of the Democratic Party that actually makes it into the public spotlight. The Republican Party has their own section like this: the minority who actually is intolerant or biased toward people who aren't straight, white males. The only difference between the two is that the Democratic side is unsurprisingly praised and often conducted by the media, while the Republican section is (rightfully) shamed.

I remember when Caitlyn Jenner "came out" as a Republican and was shamed for it by the media. I also remember when Lena Dunham, the star of the HBO comedy series "Girls" accused university sushi bars as being a form of "cultural appropriation." Shortly afterward, she ended up with a gig as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Like I asked before... What is the end goal? They may think they're making the world a better place, but, in reality, their are only widening the dangerous division between America's two major political parties.

If I can say anything to these social justice warriors, it's this: political correctness is not a weapon. Cut it out. You may think you're fighting bigotry, but, in reality, you're creating it. If you're going to complain about the lack of diversity in Game of Thrones, why not do the same to Black-ish? Or Empire? Fresh Off the Boat? Where are you when the Internet is laughing hysterically about "white people ruin everything" jokes? Or the the jokes that equate quiet white kids to school shooters? That's racist, right? Was it sexist when half of Comedy Central's "Roast of Rob Lowe" was dedicated to insulting Ann Coulter's body? Is it body-shaming when liberal talk-show hosts blatantly call Governor Chris Christie fat?

It may be, but white people and Republicans are fortunate enough to not have SJWs treating them like fragile, sensitive babies like they do to everybody else. Yeah, that's how SJWs treat minority groups and women when they point their fingers and cry, "Bigotry!" at everybody they meet. That's not creating equality. That's just stirring the pot of hatred. And, Barack Obama, if that's what I have to do to be on your definition of the right side of history, then I'll gladly stay on the wrong side, whatever you may think that is.

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