5 Lipsticks That Are The Right Lipsticks For You

5 Lipsticks That Are The RIGHT Lipsticks For You

Finding the right lipstick is hard, but here's ten lipstick brands and lines you should definitely give a try!


For those of us who dabble in makeup understand how important the right lipstick can make or break your night. Either it ruins your outfit, ruins your look, or just ruins it all. Here are some top-notch lipsticks every gal should carry! Each person likes a different formula to their lipstick, some prefer matte, some prefer a gloss, some prefer moisturizing, and there are so many others types I can't even. I know some girls who HATE when their lipstick transfers, or some who despise when their lipstick gets patchy. It's important to understand that some lipsticks just need a little extra TLC, whether it's simply reapplying or wiping off and starting over.

Here are some top-notch lipsticks that have more than done the job for me!

1. Tarte's Creamy Matte Lip Paint

So my list top-notchisn't structured in any specific order but I had to make this my number one because it's my absolute go to. I love a matte lip stick as much as the next girl but sometimes, or most of the time, I hate how dry my lips feel and look. There's nothing I hate more than having dry lips and having the feeling of dry lips. I put on chapstick maybe 50 times in an hour, so a super dry matte is a no from me. However, oh my goodness, Tarte's creamy matte lip paint is exactly what it says, creamy AND matte. It slides on creamy and smooth but will eventually dry down matte. Even then, it's not the dry out your lips matte but a more comfortable easy matte.

2. MAC's Matte Lipstick 

We've only made it to number two on the list for me to realize that I am not a gloss girl. Don't get me wrong, lip gloss can make the cutest or sexiest look but I hate the way my hair gets stuck on it or how it smears. Unlike the last lipstick, which had a wand applicator and is more creamy, MAC's matte lipsticks are the more general ones that come out of a tube. While these are more matte than the Tarte one, they glide on easily. I don't have to tug them onto my lips because they're so dry. After a couple hours of wear though, I do notice that my lips look quite dry. However, that is the case with most lipsticks so it's obviously not a huge problem. I found that this one is harder to reapply a second or third layer with, it'll be easier to simply wipe it off and reapply or add gloss or vaseline on top.

3. NYX Lingerie Lipstick

So this is one particular line that I would say could be a dupe for the Kylie Jenner lip kit. They are certainly much cheaper and have some of the same range in shades. This comes with a wand applicator and I love the look it gives my lips. But beware, this lipstick becomes incredibly drying if not applied right. I would say that moisturizing and exfoliating before use is key. It will still be drying but not to the same extent. A trick that I like to use is to apply vaseline, or gloss if you prefer, over the lingerie lipstick once it becomes drying. It will add some moisture to the product and to the lip.

4. Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I love the packaging on this line. It is super simple and very cute. It's lipstick itself is very similar to Tarte's Creamy Matte Lip Paint. However, I do prefer the Tarte one as it is creamer on application and tends to last a little longer than this one. I have a few different colors in this line and I kind of noticed that certain shades have a different formula, which is super weird. Some perform better than others. When in doubt, top-notchstick with Tarte.

5. Colourpop Liquid Lipstick

So basically, this article mostly focused on liquid lipsticks as those are my favorite kinds of lipsticks. I like to include Colourpop because they have great product for a low price. These lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, like wow. They last incredibly well for being on the cheap side. If you are someone who tends to rub your lips a lot, I wouldn't really suggest this lipstick. It tends to flake if you do that. When I wear this, I am more conscious of my lips because I want it to last longer and not flake.

These are my top five lipstick brands and lines that have definitely done the job for me. Each lipstick, as with any other makeup product, has its own pros and cons. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Ladies, You Don't Need To Wear Makeup Every Day

We know you didn't "wake up like this."


For as long as I can remember, the first thing I'd do in the morning is brush my teeth and sit down to begin the long process of doing my daily makeup. I looked forward to creating a new look every day and I thought of it as a form of art in some way. I thought makeup was creative, but also somewhat beneficial towards my appearance. Somewhere along the lines, I stopped looking forward to this long, never-ending process. Wake up, do makeup, remove makeup, sleep, repeat. It was getting tiresome, and I noticed I had begun to despise looking at myself without makeup. I wouldn't even go out in public without my foundation, my mascara and my eyebrows filled in.

Maybe I can thank my eight a.m.'s for this realization, or maybe I just knew I was better than that. Either way, I suddenly stopped applying foundation to my face the second the sun rose every morning. My skin immediately was clearer than ever before, no odd texture or acne scars. My face needed a breather and this was obvious after the remarkable results I had, not even a week after stopping.

I was concerned that people had noticed a change in my appearance, did they think I looked stupid? But no one ever noticed a thing, it was all in my head. Putting on makeup may have enhanced my look to some extent, but clearly, life would still be the same if I didn't wear it. Surprisingly, most people admire a natural look every once in a while.

My dad was the only one who ever criticized my decision to wear makeup every day. He would say things like, "You don't need all that makeup, you're pretty without it." And I never believed him because the only face I knew was the one I had gotten so used to.

Today, I woke up, filled my brows in a little and put on some mascara, and that's it. I rarely ever put foundation on anymore, unless I'm going out and want to look super glam. It's not worth the extra hour of my morning to put on something that I'm just going to take off at the end of the day. Not to mention, makeup is pricey, therefore, I'd rather save it for special occasions. I'm fully comfortable in my own skin now. I've become used to my natural appearance in the mirror and I love it.

Girls, you DON'T need to wear makeup every day. Start loving what you look like without it, and it'll be all-the-more exciting to put it on for parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Save an extra buck or two, as well, since going through a pack of Falsies every week isn't cheap at all. Ah, the good old days.

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