Last week the ladies of "The Real" stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish on their show, Tamera's "racist" husband, Jeannie's divorce and finally, Tamar Braxton's infamous departure from the show in season two.

At the time, Braxton's shocking exit was the most *scandalist* daytime television scandal since Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck's infamous split screen fight on "The View." It wasn't long before she took to social media to claim she had been backstabbed. She then cut off all communication with her former co-hosts while taking shots at them on social media and in interviews. Fans of Tamar were led to believe that the panel of co-hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, and Loni Love, specifically, went to the producers or even the network to have Tamar fired for reasons unknown to Tamar.

Shorty after Tamar Braxton posted this image to Instagram, an "emergency episode" of her family's show, Braxton Family Values aired, in which Tamar is seen "crying" and protesting that she thought all of the ladies on "The Real" were her friends and that she didn't know why she was being fired. Tamar also unfollowed her former co-hosts on social media, adding fuel to the fire. At the time, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai took the most of the heat, as Tamar no too slyly unfollowed them first. In response to the hate and negative messages, Loni Love posted this message to YouTube explaining that she and other co-hosts were also blindsided by Tamar's firing.

For the past two years, Tamar has continued to insinuate that her firing was due to her co-hosts, though she never named them directly, her responses, calculated, kept the speculation going. She has made appearances on "The Wendy Williams Show, "The Steve Harvey Show", and most recently, "The View," where she maintained that although she has no idea as to why she was fired, that she hadn't spoken to her former co-hosts since her departure, despite believing they were friends prior to being let go. Which makes no sense. If you think they had something to do with it, then that would be the reason you got fired, no?

Well, three seasons later, the remaining co-hosts of "The Real" are finally clearing their names and spilling the tea about what actually led to Tamar being axed from the show. Last week, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Houghton, and Tamera Mowry-Housley appeared on "The Breakfast Club," and Charlemagne Tha God finally asked them the only question everyone was dying to know the answer to.

According to Loni Love, they all were indeed friends at the time of Tamar's firing. Tamar delivered the news to them via text but ignored their responses. Soon after that, Tamar deleted them on social media and an unnamed source at WeTv gave Loni the heads up that Tamar's husband, Vincent Herbert, officially named her specifically on a rough cut of the "emergency" episode as the reason his wife was let go from the show. She said that at the time, she had her lawyer contact WeTv and threaten legal action to prevent the slander from airing. Braxton Family Values was forced to reshoot scenes pertaining to Tamar's firing, which is probably why this scene, in particular, always looked fake af.

Why was Loni being slandered, you ask? Loni then went on to explain that sometime prior to this, Tamar, who at the time was being managed by her husband, Vince, asked her for the number of Rushion Mcdonald, Steve Harvey's former manager. Loni claims that Tamar expressed interesting in hiring a new manager and that his conversation took place while Tamar's husband was out of the room. Loni then explained that she believed Vince was basically fucking up and probably flubbed his wife's deal with the Network. His way of shooting two birds with one stone - saving face, while getting back at Loni for giving Tamar then number - was to allow the world to believe that she asked for Tamar to be removed from the show.

What is even more interesting is Tamar's sister, Towanda Braxton's reaction to the "The Breakfast Club" interview. Loni momentary mentions Towanda in the interview. She revealed that days after Tamar's firing, she happened to be seated near Towanda on a flight to Atlanta. Loni claims that Towanda reassured her that "we know you had nothing to do with this," and that she was "sorry" for everything that was happening. Loni also claimed that Towanda tipped her off to the fact that they had just done an emergency taping of their family reality show that Loni "needed to see." Which is what prompted Loni to contact her unnamed friend at WeTv.

Towanda recently took to Instagram to slam Loni Love, except, she never quite denied the conversation.

Instead, all she did was say the conversation was "paraphrased," and that Loni was creating "dissension" (a disagreement). Probably between her and her sister, Tamar, about the fact that she was telling family business. She then claimed that Loni felt "compelled to keep mentioning Tamar," even though this is the first interview and discussion about Tamar that any host of "The Real" has ever done. Which leads to me believe that Loni Love is 100% telling the truth and that Towanda just wasn't banking on the fact that Loni had a contact at WeTv or that this conversation would ever get back to Tamar.