The Real Reason Why You Love Or Hate Young Adult Books
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The Real Reason Why You Love Or Hate Young Adult Books

Yes, the love triangles and cliches are overdone but wait, there is more.

The Real Reason Why You Love Or Hate Young Adult Books

I have read a lot of books in my lifetime. My favorite genre to read is Young Adult Fiction, also known as YA Fiction. Some of my favorite YA series are the Lunar Chronicles, the Raven Cycle, and the Talon series (although I have only gotten through book one). I can usually ignore plot holes and badly written fightings scenes (Yes, I still think Twilight is a get series even with all its flaws) but it seems like some YA authors are trying to play into values that they think will get their books sold instead of worrying about developing a good plot and characters to match.

Some popular YA books are undeniable good and life changing, while others are controversial. These books have people hating it (but they still read every book in the series) or loving it so of course, they will read every book in the series. Authors will strategically write the book so that the plot does not get resolved until the last book. Or at least keep readers interested with new plot developments or twists (many of which are cliche). Some readers can actually tolerate and enjoy these books while other readers tear these books up in reviews. They still end up buying them because of one thing attracts their attention and they think the next book can't be worse than this one. Whether readers love or love to hate the book, they end up buying them all which means more books sold from the author and equals a success to the publishing company. Then that books becomes despite if it is actually well written or not.

Another thing YA authors try to do to ensure they get book sales instead of writing a good story is to write books in a theme that is popular. For example, when Twilight became popular most every other YA release was also about vampires. Or when the Hunger Games came out, a lot of authors came out with the same type young adult dystopian story. It seems like they follow a checklist. As long as it follows the checklist of following a theme, having a main character that overcomes a problem, and maybe a romantic relationship. To be honest, most books follow this routine but these authors abuse it by making it so cliche and not bring it any sort of orginality. They rely only on being in the theme to get their books sold.

Like I said, I can get over a plot holes and cliches but one thing that I can't go over is that if the main character does not inspire me. While reading I put myself in the main character shoes and if they do not make better decisions than me or even just have overall better morals than me then I will not feel inspired. I will actually get really aggravated on how the main character is acting and want to stop reading the book immediately. I can actually tolerate this aggravation for a little while but if it is constant throughout the entire book, I will not enjoy the book and probably not finish it.

Another thing that will make me not finish a series or book is when there is a lot of useless events. The author will pretty much give readers the run around to fill up pages or actually act like there is more developed plot than there actually is. The way they do this is that they will present a problem and will the main character struggles to resolve this problem for the entire book or series the resolution was always there and the main character just could not see it until that time convenitely. Again, some popular good books do that as well but the difference lies that in that struggle you actually gave important insight to ideas that go beyond the book or they can play it up to a big foreshadowing of what will happen in the finale or the next book.

My point in explaining all of this is just for you to really think about how a YA book makes you feel. They all won't be life changing but they should still make you feel something. If they don't the maybe you are falling into the pitfalls that authors use to sell their books and you are just wasting your time with those books. And if these books make you angry it might not just be the plot holes and bad writing but simply that the book did not inspire you. And then it is fine if you do not finish the book. You could try to even to listen to the audiobook if you want to get the closure of finishing the book or even series. But also recognize that writing a book isn't not easy and without the right guidance it can be disastrous.

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