This isn't going to be another article telling you to buy overpriced adult coloring books or huff lavender essence until you turn blue in the face. I am simply going to lay out some facts, and you, the reader, are free to do whatever you want with this information.

Sleep is important. Yes, I am sure you have heard this in every TED talk ever, but that is because it is so important. NIH guidelines say that we should be getting seven hours of sleep a night at least. As in, that is barely passing and you should be getting significantly more.

This isn't always feasible during finals, though, especially if you have three exams back to back the next morning. But try and nap throughout the day. Research suggests that sleep is when memories get encoded and preserved for future retrieval, so getting some shut-eye can actually help you remember all those organic chemistry reactions.

Napping is also much better than trying to screw over your body clock by sleeping in on other days. You cannot make up your sleep debt by sleeping more on weekends. Instead, while you may feel rested, it can lead to a cycle of going to bed later and later. Also, while it may meet your requirement for that day, it doesn't reduce the damage your body took on all those days you didn't sleep.

Lack of sleep can also cause a whole host of other problems, like heart disease, depression, or high blood pressure. These can contribute to stress by making you feel horrible and much less productive. When you are running on nothing but caffeine and anxiety, it can also trigger preexisting heart conditions.

So, I know most of you will either ignore this completely or forget it within five seconds, but I can hope that this will inspire some people to at least take a few more naps. You are only human and you need rest.

Remember: you are not a forking robot.