The 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro have begun!

Athletes from all over the world, who've trained and competed intensely to earn a position to represent their country are all gathered in this exotic country.

The Olympic games is to host international friendly competition through multiple-sport categories.The Olympics also symbolizes as a union for the world to come together to celebrate and amicably.

Brazil is the first country in South America to host the Olympics.

Though, this is how the Olympics are defined and suppose to be, it does not configure how international order has been set in 2016.There are factors that have a possible effect during the course of the Olympic games.

On September 7, 2007, Brazil submitted as an Applicant city to the International Olympic Committee [IOC] for the Summer Olympics in 2016. In 2009, Brazil won, having nearly a decade for preparations as the host.

Economic crisis

Since then there were a continuation economic crisis and facility problems. Brazil has been going through a recession since 2011. Budget cuts have lead to facilities for the games to be on hiatus. Before losing its value in the international markets, Brazil was having solid growth. The IOC had to search for various ways to reduce the overall cost to Rio, which includes catering, transportation, and other additional necessities like a hospital. Keep aware there will be economic reports that will affect during the Olympic Games. Also, there is huge concerns of the polluted waters in Rio.

Protests in Rio

The Olympics games being a unification and traditional event, the host for the games always tries to show the countries culture and pride as an on-going theme for Olympic ceremonies. Unfortunately, the citizens of Brazil have been on protest the past few months with their government with the overall billions spent for the sporting event and the corruption from their politicians.So far, the protests have not been led to an act of violence, but should be a concern as the nation’s population is unhappy and angry.

Brazil’s President leading to impeachment

President Dilma Rousseff is on the verge of impeachment, due to tampering public funds to cover budget gaps and a huge corruption scandal involving state-run oil company Petrobras. A committee in Brazil’s Federal Senate have agreed for an impeachment trial against Pres. Rousseff. She's also a role player to the adjustment of the economic collapse.Once criticized political opponents on higher taxes and budget cuts on the country’s economic stability, she contradicted herself leading her country in poverty.There has always been scandals and corruptions in Brazil, but being the nation’s political leader, while going through a political crisis during a time where people all over the world are attending and being televised plays a factor.

Crisis with Zika

As it has been known to the public, there has been extreme caution of the Zika virus. In 2015, an outbreak began in Brazil. Zika virus can be transmitted from infected impregnated women to her fetus that can cause birth defects and neurological problems.There are other side effects like muscle weakness and the nervous system to adults through sexual intercourse.Brazil having one of the most and major outbreaks, it’s concerning for visitors like other nation’s athletes, officials, and tourists coming to Rio. The mass amount of diverse people arriving, this can lead to transporting the virus back to their home nations if infected.

The Olympics secured?

Last month, there were speculations with police officers in Rio that they haven’t been paid in months and has been stated by officers they won’t be reliable on tourists’ safety. According to Numbeo, Rio's crime rate is at a level of 90.33 percent. The Rio De Janeiro state, they control the region's military police force had to issue an executive order for emergency funds (estimated $850 million) from their federal government to compensate officers. With the Olympic games underway, Rio had to enlist police officers to all competition venues and to be in high security alert. A private security company was so supposed to prioritize the safety and protection during the games but bailed out in the last moments prior to Olympic openings.It will be cautious with the high level of crime during these games.

The factors that have been shared are all going to determine the circumstances surrounding the 2016 Summer Olympic games.So forth for the event, let’s hope for positive results, be aware and have an understanding with the turmoil that is happening within Brazil.