The Place Where I Belong.

The Place Where I Belong.

10 truths from Daughtry's song "Home".

If you’ve never heard Daughtry’s song “Home,” stop reading this article and listen to it right now. As he belts out the words, “I’m going home to the place where I belong", I can’t help but think of all the times I’ve been away from home for some time. Coffee brewing in the kitchen, the sound of my younger siblings being noisy, my dad’s distinguished laugh…it’s all a part of who I am today. Thank you Daughtry, for writing such a heartfelt ballad.

1. “I’m going to the place where love and feeling good don’t ever cost a thing.”

It’s easy to feel good at home. After all, it’s the place where most of us feel the most comfortable and are our true selves.

2. “The pain you feel is a different kind of pain.”

When at home, tough love is abundant. Sometimes it’s painful to hear the dirty truth or learn something the hard way, but you’re surrounded by those you love.

3. “Where your love has always been enough for me.”

There is this extremely special thing about going home and knowing that the love that resides there exists nowhere else.

4. “I don’t regret this life I chose for me.”

Sometimes the things we do and the choices we make lead us away from our home. That doesn’t mean we made bad choices, it just makes coming home even sweeter.

5. “But these places and these faces are getting old, so I’m going home.”

When we’ve been away for too long there is this pull on the heart for the love that only comes from home. The people, the smells, the memories – we begin to long for them when our time away stretches on.

6. “The miles are getting longer, it seems, the closer I get to you.”

This is especially true when your flight is delayed or your car breaks down on the way back home. The longest period seems to be when you’re just minutes away from the place where you belong.

7. “I’ve not always been the best man or friend for you, but your love remains true.”

Unconditional love – unending, depending on nothing, eternal. It’s all at home and that’s why we keep coming back.

8. “And I don’t know why, you always seem to give me another try.”

Second chances abound when you’re at home with those you’re closest to and love the most. Never forget that or take it for granted.

9. “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all.”

When we wish for something, do we realize the magnitude of what we want? Do we think about who it will affect besides ourselves? Take into consideration every conceivable outcome and think about whether or not what you want is truly worth it.

10. “And then some you don’t want.”

When you’ve received everything you wanted and more, are you satisfied? What have you lost as a result of having it all?

Please don’t take this as an indication to stop making goals for yourself and striving to achieve them. In fact, quite the opposite. Make sure you calculate the measure of your goals and who could possibly be affected, positively or negatively, and then make the necessary adjustments in your plan to achieve them. You obviously can’t plan for everything because you don’t know the future, but you do know that you can always go home.

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10 Things I Threw Out AFTER Freshman Year Of College

Guess half the stuff on your packing list doesn't really matter

I spent the entire summer before my freshman year of college so WORRIED.

I also spent most of my money that summer on miscellaneous dorm stuff. I packed the car when the time finally came to move in, and spent the drive up excited and confused about what the heck was actually going on.

Freshman year came and went, and as I get ready to go back to school in just a few short weeks (!!), I'm starting to realize there's just a whole bunch of crap I just don't need.

After freshman year, I threw out:

1. Half my wardrobe.

I don't really know what I was thinking of owning 13 sweaters and 25 T-shirts in the first place. I wear the same five T-shirts until I magically find a new one that I probably got for free, and I put on jeans maybe four times. One pair is enough.

2. Half my makeup.

Following in the theme of #1, if I put on makeup, it's the same eyeliner-mascara combination as always. Sometimes I spice it up and add lipstick or eyeshadow.

3. My vacuum.

One, I basically never did it. Two, if I REALLY needed to vacuum, dorms rent out cleaning supplies.

4. Most of my photos from high school.

I didn't throw them ALL away, but most of them won't be making a return to college. Things change, people change, your friends change. And that's okay.

5. Excess school supplies.

Binders are heavy and I am lazy. I surprisingly didn't lose that many pens, so I don't need the fifty pack anymore. I could probably do without the crayons.

6. Cups/Plates/Bowls/Silverware.

Again, I am lazy. I cannot be bothered to wash dishes that often. I'll stick to water bottles and maybe one coffee cup. Paper plates/bowls can always be bought, and plastic silverware can always be stolen from different places on campus.

7. Books.

I love to read, but I really don't understand why I thought I'd have the time to actually do it. I think I read one book all year, and that's just a maybe.

8. A sewing kit.

I don't even know how to sew.

9. Excessive decorations.

It's nice to make your space feel a little more cozy, but not every inch of the wall needs to be covered.

10. Throw pillows.

At night, these cute little pillows just got tossed to the floor, and they'd sit there for days if I didn't make my bed.

Cover Image Credit: Tumblr

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10 Things To Do In Indiana To Make This Summer The Best Summer

Because let's face it, Indiana can be a pretty boring place.


Often times our summer nights in Indiana consist of bonfires, Steak and Shake, and a trip to the local Walmart because we are just so bored! Let's face the inevitable conclusion, we were all born in a dreadfully boring state. Thankfully, there are places all over the state that are just waiting to be explored this summer! Pack your car, board your friends, and hit the road to experience some awesome adventures!

1. Turkey Run State Park in Parke County.

Nichole Doty

What else can you think of other than the amazing feeling of hiking, camping, and enjoying the fresh air? With many places outside of the park to camp and stay, getting to the park is a short drive from nearby housing. The trails and beautiful sites will yield a perfect camping destination!

2. Zao Island in Valparaiso.

With Go Karts, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, a Laser Maze, Game Rooms, Batting Cages, Slides, and even an Alligator Exhibit, this destination is the one stop you have to make for the summer! With family fun all around at good prices, this place will be the one place you will want to continuously visit! Plus they have pizza, too!

3. Indiana Dunes National Park in Chesterton.

Lining Lake Michigan, the Dunes is the perfect beach destination to go on a hot summer day. With hotels and restaurants lining the park, there will always be somewhere to stay and somewhere to eat, plus all of the amazing qualities of the park, such as swimming, hiking, and soaking up the sun rays, making this destination a trip you have to make!

4. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in Indianapolis.

I think we can all agree that sometimes we are all kids at heart, and what better way to celebrate our "youth" than to take a visit to the Children's Museum! With exhibitions that contain Dinosaurs, an International Space Station, ways you can explore the everyday lives of Scientists, Fireworks of Glass, and many more, this is the perfect way at a decent price to spend your summer afternoon!

5. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus.

This attraction hosts a variety of themed attractions, including coasters and water coasters! As well as having a wave pool, a river, and tube slides, this attraction is the perfect location to go when you want to have fun as well as a cool down from the hot summer sun!

6. Conner Prairie in Fishers.

I don't know about you all but I LOVED when we got to go to Conner Prairie for a school field trip! Being one of the most visited outdoor museums in the country, Conner Prairie showcases the 19th-century lifestyle where you get to see 1836 Prairie Town, the William Conner House, and even experience what it was like in Indiana during the Civil War! This history destination will leave you in awe of how life used to be!

7. Bluespring Caverns in Bedford.

I was so jealous that my parents and sister got to experience these caves and I didn't! This underground river that stretches 21 miles houses many unusual and cool species, such as many amphibians, blind, and albino animals.

8. Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis

This museum is an old pathology building that houses an autopsy room, amphitheater, laboratories, photo archives, as well as records from when the hospital was up and running. This cool destination is home to outdated medical equipment as well as anatomical structures that are breathtaking to see.

9. Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort in Monticello.

This fun beach gives us a little taste of everything, from rides, games, to even walking a boardwalk. Located on Lake Shafer, this amusement park is a fun time for those who are looking for a little taste of fair life, yet can't wait until August to get it!

10. Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis.

Located in White River State Park, this zoo houses over 2,000 animals, all ranging from lions, elephants, and dolphins! As well as containing a botanical garden and exhibits where you can feed the animals, this zoo is a fun destination when searching for a fun break. Plus, who doesn't love visiting all the cool animals up close?

Whether you visit one or all of the destinations listed above, we have to acknowledge the fact that although Indiana can be a boring state, there are sometimes some pretty cool things we can do with an adventure around every corner!


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