The Party Hero

The Party Hero


Today's most popular types of music are both electronic dance music and rap & hip-hop making all disk jockeys the end all be all for a good time. With vices like music, clubbing, and attending parties and events growing in a bass head culture around the world, this has been a new vehicle to allow DJ's to become prominent figures within the industry. As social media continues to grow, DJ's utilize these platforms to promote their events along with other artists they are working with making them one of the most valuable assets in the music ecosystem. Many try to reach pinnacles of success in this career path since the added incentives but many fail. Although the masses will, this does not include DJ Diddy. As one of today's most prominent DJ's at such a young age, he continues to push to the top as his movement becomes a household brand. From hosting and DJing some of the largest events like HyperGlow, to working with some of the largest artists as a tour DJ like Tekashi 69, he is not only a phenom to the industry but in the professional sector for reaching this success at such a young age. Although his talent has been life long, it wasn't until 2014 when he took his ear for music and DJ skills to the world.

Coming from humble beginnings, Anwar was born in the Bronx, New York later moving to New Jersey to attend school and begin his hustle. In the early stages of his career, DJ Diddy would organize large college events at houses near Rutgers and Kean where he discovered his knack for organizing events and keen ear for music in today's hottest genres and turned his hobby into a business venture. Not too long after, Anwar was asked to DJ Life in Color and HyperGlow which jump started his launch towards success. Promoting agencies, artists, and Fortune 500 companies are now jumping at the opportunity to work with DJ Diddy, allowing him to take his talent and strong work ethic all over the global.

As DJ Diddy utilizes his clout pressure and resume to create opportunities and moves within the industry unavailable to most, he continues to network and grow his movement to take a larger piece of the pie as a vehicle to push his fame and success to the next level. Although he has had such a sudden rush to fame and fortune at a young age, it was not accomplished without a steady-focused mind and strong work ethic. A typical day starts early in the morning answering missed calls, texts, emails, and social media private messages received during the few hours of sleep he gets a night. After this he will meet with his team to discuss objectives and tasks on ways to continue to progress and grow within the industry ecosystem. After that he will network with artists, promoters, event locations, and management to build connections and secure shows and events. Then he will search for new music in multiple genres, build set lists, and rehearse for upcoming shows. As DJ Diddy's movement continues to grow, the already achieved success and fame has allowed him to have insight on not only the industry, but tools needed to run a successful company with a household brand. A few tips DJ Diddy has to offer to young entrepreneurs trying to figure the wisdom needed to grow into success would be to; sacrifice your time for your company's goals and your objectives for the brand, make sure you stand by your work and are always be a reliable connection, always set goals and objections for all fiscal time frames, and to never stop networking. We strongly urge you to check DJ Diddy out on all social media platforms to see when you can attend one of his events when he comes near you. Looking to work with Kendrick Lamar in the near future, make sure you follow him on Instagram at @djdiddyofficial to join him on his climb to success

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6 Major Health Benefits Of A Crazy Road Trip

Take that sick road trip you've been wanting to go on, it's actually super good for your health.


We all have a crazy adventure planned, that we live out solely through our Pinterest boards. It wasn't until recently, when I myself took the trip of a lifetime with two of my best friends, that I realized how good road trips can actually be for both your mind AND body.

Driving = Hippocampus Expansion

Taylor Kellogg

Driving, especially long distances, helps your brain with spatial reasoning. A Sunny Afternoon explains that driving actually helps this region of the brain make calculations and increases brain power. Kinda like sudoku... but on wheels.

New places, faces and experiences = MENTAL WORKOUT

Taylor Kellogg

Think of all the cool things you will see, the hundreds of different people you could meet, and the awesome places you'll explore. This overload of new information to process will help your brain build its capacity.


Taylor Kellogg

Fresh air and sunshine is the key to bettering your mind, which leads to bettering your body. Not only do your lungs get a break from pollution-filled air, but the sun boosts the Vitamin D levels in your body to put you in a better mood.

Good company = good mood.

Taylor Kellogg

Choose your travel buddies wisely. Yes, you'll be stuck in the car with them for a LONG period of time, but they also can help with your mental health. The happier you are and the more you laugh, the bigger boost your serotonin levels will get.

You (most likely) will get a lot of good exercise.

Taylor Kellogg

OK, hear me out... I know being cooped up in the car on a road trip isn't very good exercise. It's so important to pick a place that features some sort of physical aspect (I just took a hiking trip to a few national parks in Utah) so you can stretch those legs.

Your mind will thank you for finally going tech-free.

Taylor Kellogg

We're all obsessed with our phones (you are... admit it). Going on a road trip is the perfect way to go unplugged and give your eyes/mind a rest. Less smartphone/email/social media time means less stress.

If you need some backup for convincing your parents to let you go on a road trip, show them this article. You're welcome and travel safe!!!

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