To The One Who Cheated

To The One Who Cheated

A Poem

Sometimes cruel and always hidden.

When do messages become bars?

They never ignore the messages nor the secrets, with lust.

Why did the secret buy it, to remember the Valentine's Day?

Count the clues, despise the sadness.

Obscurely, rarely, knowingly.

Only the shock farts as a hidden bar.

The small shock unsurprisingly abandons a boy.

Bar and breakup, sh*t, sh*t! messages like the love.

We lie, but only for a while,

They never steal the girls nor the hos, wit

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Citrus: A Tale Of Two Shenanigans

When your best friend takes control of Saturday viewings

Collaborated with: Samiko

Everyone loves a good new anime. I, like so many others, have more or less run out of animes to watch...or rather, just too busy to really sit down and pick one and enjoy it. The last anime I watched was Attack on Titan Season 2. It was too good to not watch over again a few times. But recently, I've been introduced into something new, in a sense. Now, I haven't read the manga, so don't go biting my head off.

There's spoilers here so at your own risk, proceed!!

Citrus. That one word I've been hearing all week courtesy of my best friend Samiko. She would talk non-stop about this one anime. Initially, I really didn't have an interest. I'm just that picky with my anime but it's not like we had anything to watch so I gave it a shot.

I utterly regret ever watching it. Why? Because I just can't even. There's so many face palms and plot twists. It's not that the anime is complicated or bad. It's actually far beyond bad. It's just a..."oh my god, why" kind of thing. Psst! It's a yuri thing too!!

Like most or all anime we encounter, we find ourselves relating to one or all characters in some way, shape, or form as a reflection of ourselves.

We're introduced to two main characters, Yuzu and Mei. Conveniently, they just so happen to be sisters, but we don't find that out until Mei goes home to where Yuzu lives and that's when the shenanigans start happening. From the get go, Yuzu and Mei are polar opposites. Mei's more mature and adult-like whereas Yuzu is your typical, normal 16 year old teen just trying to survive high school. Sounds normal, right? Nope! If you look at their family connections, it gets slightly complicated: Yuzu's mom is married to Mei's dad; the Chairman of the school they both go to just so happens to be Mei's grandfather, which means Yuzu has to try and not embarrass herself; Mei has daddy issues, which is clear when he comes back for a short while from his travels; Yuzu begins to develop romantic feelings for Mei and these feelings start confusing the hell out of her; Mei actually runs the school for a while when her grandfather gets admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack caused by stress.Sounds fun so far, no?

In reality, there's so much more beneath that, especially with Mei. She's hard working, keeps to herself, has one of the best, solid resting bitch face ever, and I can relate to her because I'm practically the same way. I have worked and overworked myself into exhaustion and even when I'm sick, I'm still dragging my ass either to work or school. There is very little time to properly rest because a lot of things have to get done. So, I understand why she's the way she is. At the same time, it has a lot to do with her daddy issues since he left here to travel when she was a child. He previously ran the school but the reason he left was because that's not all he wanted to do his entire life. So, Mei took it upon herself to carry her father's responsibilities.

As for Yuzu, she's in total confusion about how she feels about Mei altogether. Besides the fact that they're step-sisters, with no blood relation, she expected herself to be liking some guy in the future but instead of having a relationship with a female, her sister no less. Both of these complications combined have created plenty of reflective moments if you really think about it.

In any event, Samiko suggests Top 5 new anime to watch:

1. Citrus

2. High School DxD Hero

3. Maid Sama

4. Kami-Sama

5. Gakuen Babysitters.

Currently, this is as far as I know of right now with Citrus along with Samiko's own knowledge. But if you're caught up in the episodes, that's great! But when in doubt: GOOGLE!

Cover Image Credit: 暗萌首页

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Top 5: 5 Favorite Audition Tapes

… it’s not about the looks, but about the talent...

Malorie Blackman, a British Writer once said, “you can have all the talent in the world, but without determination, you won’t get very far…”

… That is exactly what T.V Shows like America’s Got Talent, The X-Factor and The Voice search and look for: talent and determination. These two concepts and ideas go hand-in-hand.

Thus, in order to succeed, you must show signs of both.

With that being said, here are my 5 Favorite Audition Tapes, from various competitive shows, in which an aspiring artists shows signs of both: talent and determination.

5. America’s Got Talent 2013 - Special Head:

I’ll admit it --- When I first watched Special Head’s Audition Tape .. I was quite creeped out. I thought to myself, “there is no way this man is getting through this first round.” However, when he managed to pull off this special trick, I was shocked and amazed. It was clear to me that Special Head was an incredibly talented individual who worked hard and had a determination to succeed. As the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover…”

4. X Factor UK 2015 - Josh Daniel:

There are very few auditions out there that have brought tears to my eyes, but this one - this one did. Singing this song as a tribute to his friend, who had unfortunately passed away, Josh Daniel put on an amazing performance - one that even made Simon Cowell emotional and speechless. Josh Daniel’s ability to sing each and every word of this song with such an emotion clearly conveyed his talent to the audition and the judges. It also clearly conveyed his determination to make this friend, who is watching over him in heaven, proud.

3. The Voice 2017 - Dave Crosby:

Sometimes, in life, we are often pressured to let go of our dreams in order to provide a better, more happier life for those around us. That is exactly what happened to Dave Crosby, who had to give up his dream of singing in order to provide a better life for this then-newborn baby girl. Luckily, Dave Crosby was able to use his talent of singing to bond with his daughter, which only helped him realize that singing is, in fact, what he truly loved (and loves) to do. Crosby’s audition clearly portrays his talent and determination to not only make something of himself, but to also provide the best life for his family whilst doing what he loves.

2. The Voice 2014 - Christina Grimmie:

From the very first moment that Christina Grimmie sung the first note of Wrecking Ball, it was evident that she was incredibly talented. (After all, three of the four judges did click their buttons within the first twenty-thirty seconds of her audition!) Grimmie’s determination to succeed is evident throughout her entire music career, which first began on YouTube. There is no doubt in my mind that, had she not met a violent end, her strong, talented voice would be making its way all across the charts and Billboards.

1. America’s Got Talent 2017 - Mandy Harvey:

If there is anyone that ever tells you that what they desire to do is “impossible” then all you have to do is show them Mandy Harvey’s Audition Tape. Despite being deaf, which one would claim to be a “setback,” Mandy Harvey made the impossible - well, possible. Her determination to do what she loves to do, whilst being incredibly good at it, shows everyone that no matter what, anything in life is achievable. As the saying goes, “you won’t know unless you try!”


Succeeding isn’t all about the looks. It is about talent - determination - hard-work. You have to want it. Desire it. Work for it. Strive for it. It is only then that you will begin to see success coming towards you.

Cover Image Credit:

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