Last Monday, I went to my first ever trivia night, and it did not go as expected. A few weeks prior, my sister sent me information for a "The Office" themed trivia night and I was pumped. I immediately shared the link with my best friend, the one who introduced me to "The Office", and told her there was no option, we were going and we were going to crush it.

To prepare, we watched episodes of the show and thought of potential questions we could be asked. I thought I was ready. I honestly thought we had a shot. But only that fateful Monday night would tell.

We wanted to secure our seats, so we showed up to the restaurant an hour early, little did we known, we would be sitting in that restaurant for four hours. Upon arriving, we asked where the trivia would take place and we were told to pick any table in the bar. I noticed the bar area was on the smaller side and was thankful that we had seats, guaranteeing that we would play. As we ate our meal, we watched as the bar slowly filled up and people were rearranging tables to fit their team's needs.

Finally, it turned 7:00 -- that's when the game was supposed to start -- but I watched as the clock read 7:05, 7:10, 7:15. Eventually, the hosts of the game began to pass out the rules and game cards. My friend and I couldn't help but notice that the host was not just passing out these game pieces to the bar area, but the entire restaurant. And by entire, I even mean people who were sitting in the waiting area. The place was packed.

And then, it was trivia time. I knew we had it in the bag. First question: What is the nickname for the city of Scranton? Okay, wow, hardball there. But we knew it, or I should say my friend knew it. Then more questions, of course. What was on Michael's card in the game during Diversity Day? How much did Jim pay to impersonate Dwight? But, the questions became more obscure and specific than we could have ever imagined. What is the name of Erin and Kelly's singing group? What is the highest ranked episode? What ingredient does Kevin purposefully undercook in his chili recipe? And of course, what state is Nashua in? This is not what I expected and sadly, I didn't know the answer to a single one of them.

Now, after each question was asked and answered, the host had to collect the cards from each team. Let me remind you, the restaurant was packed. There were fifty seven teams. That's right, five seven. And the hosts had to go through each answer to track the points of every team. It took about twenty minutes per question. Thankfully, the restaurant was sports themed and I had the Stanley Cup series to watch and a recorded hockey game from the 1980's.

Unfortunately, after wagering all 80/200 points, we ended the night with zero points, but we didn't care. I had such an amazing time catching up with my friend and playing a game about a show I love. I guess this means I just have to go back and watch every episode again, before Netflix takes it away, and just be even more prepared for the next time.