The New HQ

The New HQ

The latest and greatest trivia game to come to mobile phones right now

The latest and greatest in the app world, known as HQ and built by the founder of Vine, I discovered myself yesterday through a friend. If you haven't heard of this, it's basically Trivia Crack but much better and much more difficult.

If you don't know what Trivia Crack is, it was a popular app about 2 years ago that allowed you to compete against your friends asking different trivia questions, as well as creating your own. In order to play HQ, all you have to do is register a username and log on twice a day, once at 3 p.m. and once at 9 p.m., and join roughly 200,000 other users from around the world for an online, live game show.

The object of the game is to answer 12 questions in a row correctly, with 10 seconds per question, in order to win the cash prize. If you answer a question incorrectly, you're automatically eliminated from that specific game.

Roughly, the cash prize has been $1,000 dollars in the past few days but there is a catch to it. You don't win the full grand yourself and it's instead split between all the winners of that round. So really the prize is an average around $5-$10, but still its basically free money based on your own knowledge so you really can't lose anything by playing.

Personally, I find this game really entertaining and different because it is an actual live game show with a host, which I have never heard of before. A lot of my friends have been playing, and it's quickly catching fire through Syracuse's campus and around the world more and more every day.

Although there have been complaints about the lag the app has been experiencing for some people, it has to be remembered that it is brand new and being updated constantly by the 'HQ Engineers' of the company. It will most likely be a trend that fades soon, but I'd highly suggest playing it while it's still here!

Good Luck!

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How to Properly Use a Cell Phone: A Satire

Be sure to walk slowly so that you don’t miss a tweet, Snapchat, or Instagram post.

As we all know, in today's day and age, a cell phone is a means of survival for many millennials, a lifeline rather. We become panic-stricken whenever we are without our phones. That’s because, without cell phones, we are nothing so of course, it's an absolute necessity to learn how to properly use one. Here are some tips:

First and foremost, there is never an inappropriate time to use your cell phone. I repeat, there is NEVER an inappropriate time to use your cell phone. Use your cell phone while you’re walking outside. Be sure to walk slowly so that you don’t miss a tweet, Snapchat, or Instagram post. The people behind you won’t mind even a little. They’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve finally learned how to use your cell phone because nothing is more frustrating than someone who is improperly using their cell phone.

Next, be sure to use your cell phone in class. Use it in chemistry, biology, physics, whatever class you’re in, to look up pictures of puppies and to order some new clothes online. The professors don't mind; in fact, they encourage it. Your cell phone and everything on it is clearly more important than getting an education, and your professors will completely understand. The people next to you won’t mind when your phone vibrates every five seconds either. They’ll be grateful for the distraction from the useless information going on in the front of the classroom.

Most importantly, remember that your cell phone is always prioritized over the people that are face to face with you, including, but not limited to, your friends, family, classmates, and teammates. When you haven't seen your grandmother in a few weeks and you go home for fall break and she attempts to spark a conversation with you, get out your phone. Get on Twitter, and post a few tweets about being home. Post an Instagram picture of your grandmother to let everyone know how much you missed her, but remember your phone is way more important than anything she has to say. She'll be around for years!

Just like your grandmother, your parents will always be around, so when you all sit down for dinner for the first time in weeks or even months, be SURE to get out your cell phone. Text as many of your friends as you possibly can before your fingers cramp up, and turn the volume all the way up so as to keep any dinner conversation from distracting you. Your family surely won't care; your cell phone is always number one priority and trust me, they know that.

Cell phones are the single most important thing in people's lives today, but unfortunately many people aren’t aware of how to properly use them. Hopefully, these tips and tricks help many to learn the PROPER way in which to use a cell phone. Basically, all you have to remember is this: forget your surroundings. Forget about your responsibilities. Forget about your family and friends. Who needs them when you have Siri at the touch of your fingertips?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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This Phone Kidnapping Scam Could Cost You Thousands And My Situation Should Be A Warning

This article is to tell you my story and provide tips on how to understand what is a scam/how to prevent them.


A few weeks ago, my family was caught in the middle of a kidnapping phone scandal that costs us a couple hundred dollars. Many times you hear these stories on the news and think it couldn't happen to you or your loved ones. Then, when it happens, you haven't taken any cautionary measures. This article is to tell you my story and provide tips on how to understand what is a scam/how to prevent them.

This scam took place between my sister and father at first. All the scammers needed was the two phone numbers and some computer software to trick us. They began by calling both my sister and father at the same time. The call to my sister's phone looked like it was coming from my father because they use software that made the call come from my father's phone number. Caller ID showed my father's name and made it seem like they had his phone. The same concept happened to my father with my sister's number.

After they get you to pick up, they told both my father and sister they had kidnapped the other. They told my father they kidnapped her off the streets. They told my sister that my father had a debt to pay and they're holding him hostage until they get the amount. At this point, both my sister and dad think the other is being held hostage (when neither was). They tell you not to hang up the phone or they will hurt the loved one.

They then ask for money in the form of VISA gift cards or such. They will tell you to buy/max out multiple cards to the highest it will allow (usually $500) and then tell you to read the numbers of the card to them. This makes them untraceable. The number varies between each scammer so that might now always indicate a scam.

The reason you don't immediately hang up is that they are smarter than just telling you they have someone you love. For example, they used personal information they made my sister tell them against my father (and vise-versa). They make you say your location (ex. my sister's college) and what is around you to make it believable.

Also, people tend to begin these times and they will use all of the info you share against the other person they called to make it seem real. On top of the info, they record parts of the conversation when someone is talking and play it back for the other. In our case, they told my sister to say, "Don't worry dad, I'll take care of us. We'll be okay". Then, they played this clip back for my father to make it seem like they actually had her there.

Now, most people just think it's so easy to just hang up and call bullshit but they make it very clear not to mess with their rules. They told my father not to tell anyone about this, stay on the line at all times, and do what they say. If he was to not listen, they threatened to rape and/or kill my sister. This obviously is a brutal image to even imagine, so it's not worth risking it. So, he stayed on the line.

My mother then came up to my father and figured out what was happening and the real game began. She took the phone and used her skills at lying to delay buying the cards. My sister didn't have anyone with her at college so she ended up giving them a few gift cards. She then was stranded at a Kroger just waiting. They kept her on the line to keep recording her voice for my mom. Now that my father wasn't on the phone, he called the police and began investigating. He called her roommate and asked if he had seen my sister.

The roommate hadn't seen her; however, he had her location turned on. He tracked her to Kroger and ran there (he lives in the city). The roommate and my father worked with the police and SWAT team to get my sister. Meanwhile, my mom is just acting like an idiot and asking many questions because she wanted them to think she was confused. Any lie she could think of, she was using.

When the SWAT team saw my sister, they didn't grab her immediately. They made sure nobody was with her. After confirming she was alone, they radioed that they had the victim. This caused my sister confusion because she didn't think she was the victim. She still thought they had our mom and dad. So she's yelling at SWAT to find my parents. They then bring her to the station and explain what was actually happening. After my parents got confirmation my sister was safe, they called the scammers out and they hung up immediately. All were safe and the police were now trying to track the scammers.

Overall, it took hours to get the full story from all 4 people (and what you just read was the abridged version). They then took my sister's phone and made my parents come to pick her and her phone up.


- Turn on your location with at least 3 trusted people and tell your family who has it

-Make a code word in case this situation happens so you know it's real

-Never actually buy the cards they ask for

-Always have a pad and paper so you can write notes to people if they are around

-DO NOT tell them how much money you have

-Never trust the scammer, even if they tell you some true information

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