The National Civil Rights Museum Experience

This weekend I got to visit a place that had been in my bucket list. I got to visit the National Civil Right Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. This museum shows and teaches you about journey that African Americans went through to get the equal rights they deserved.

First thing you notice even before you enter the museum is the museums structure. The museum itself is not your average museum building that looked like just another building. The museum was built connected to the Lorraine Motel, this is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was tragically was assassinated in 1986.

Here are some powerful messages I learned from the civil rights museum.

1. No matter the color of your skin color, ethnicity or religion people come to learn and show respect.

This was probably one thing that personally enjoyed while visiting this musuem. People from all over come to see and learn about the history of the civil rights movements. I was able to speak to a couple who was from Sweden who said they were excited to make it to the musuem and show respects to the memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life.

2. There were tons of people who worked, suffered and lost their life for people of color to have the rights they deserved.

During this tour was an empowering and learning opportunity. You got to get first hand experience of what people fought for equality. You are able to learn about all the different people who got arrested and lost their lives to achieve the equality that they deserved. One of my favorite experience there was seeing a wall full of all the mug shots of people who were arrested during the freedom riders. This was a powerful experience seeing all the people who gave up their freedom to ensure others could ride a bus as other people.

3. As much as we have advanced we still have aways to go.

Towards the end of toward there was a section of where there was a video explaining the other social injustice happening around the country today and how we can change this. It talked about the injustice about happening to the hispanic and muslim communities in the United States. It was motivating to see all that was accomplished and that you too can make a difference.

I really hope that you guys would consider visiting this great musuem and learning about what you might have not learned in school about the struggles and important people who made the difference in our lives.

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