"Well, that's where the story comes in. Long ago your grandmother of many great's lived in a small village. Everyone in her family had found their soul-mate and was in love, but your grandmother couldn't seem to find love. In a neighboring village, there was a young gentleman who had the same problem, he looked and looked, but could not find the love of his life. One night your grandmother couldn't sleep so she stared out her window at the stars and just then a very magical, very bright shooting star shot across the sky. This star you see only came around once every hundred thousand years. Your grandmother wished that there would be something to help her find her soul mate. She wished all night until she finally fell asleep right where she sat under her window. The next morning there was a small bag next to her. When she opened it that pendant fell out along with a note that said

'He is the sun and you are the moon the closer they are the warmer they become the farther away the darker they are.'

So from that moment on she never took off the pendant. One day while walking through the village she ran into a young gentleman, it was love at first sight and she knew he was who she had been looking for because the pendants came together and glowed the color of love. Ever since then the pendant has been passed down from generation to generation. It's how I met your father, grandpa met grandma and so on until they first appeared so long ago. Whenever the previous holder gives it to their child the sun pendant disappears to the child's soul mate and so on. The two holders of the pendants know what they are for and the power that they contain. It is also a symbol of hope to our family to not give up on love because it is out there and the pendants just help us out just a little bit."

"Wow! I am never taking this off. Thanks mom this makes me feel a lot better. Well, I will talk to you in the morning I wanna go get some sleep and try and sleep off today." "Ok good night sweetie and Happy Birthday." "Thanks, mom."

Wow, a pendant of love grandma must have had major boy problems. It's still a cool story though I just hope this thing actually works. By the time I finally made it to my room I was so exhausted from the day I just wanted to pass out, but for some reason, I couldn't go to sleep. After two and a half hours of not sleeping, I opened up my window to stare at the stars. Just then the most beautiful shooting star I had ever seen shot across the sky. After a closer look, I realized that it's the star from mom's story. "Shooting star you helped my grandmother find love a long time ago and I… I wish.." I don't know what I want. I have the pendant and I guess I should at least give it a chance I don' have anything to lose so what do I wish for. I got it! "I wish that you would continue to give the pendant it's power so that it can help others in my family find love in the years to come."