When the shooting star had disappeared from my vision I sat there and watched the stars until I couldn't keep my yes open any longer. The next morning I woke up in the same place I had fallen asleep next to my window on my bed there was a strange note 'Your wish was selfless and you will soon find the one you will love forever.' Well, I guess that truly was the same star from the story. Okay now, what to wear… No to boyish…. Too young…. Too preppy…..Perfect. I finally decided on this blue dress with silver embroidery that Andrew had got me right before he left for college.

After doing my hair, make-up, and putting on the pendant I headed downstairs to see what was for breakfast. Mom wasn't there just a note and some pancakes with a candle on them. I picked up the note and read what she had written 'Sweetie I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you this morning there was an emergency at work and I had to go in early I was able to make you pancakes. I will see you tonight at dinner. Hope you have an amazing day my beautiful birthday girl. Love Mom' Next to the pancakes was a lighter, I lit the candle on the pancakes, closed my eyes, made a wish and blew it out. "Well Happy Birthday to me here's to another lame day at school." After I ate I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door to start my lame day.

As I was walking to homeroom I didn't see that locker was open and walked right into it and fell on the floor. "Are you okay?" It took me a minute and then I realized someone was talking to me. "Hey, are you okay?" he said "Uh yeah. Just a little headache." I said, "Here let me help you up." "Thanks, I'm Ember. And you are?" "I'm Reece it's my first day I just moved here." "That's awesome." Just then the bell for homeroom rang. "Well, I guess I have to go. I'll uh see ya later." I said "Okay bye." He said and then I rushed of to homeroom. I can't believe that just happened I probably looked like such an idiot. When I got to homeroom everyone was wishing Lindsay Anderson a Happy Birthday. This day was already the worst day ever and now my head hurts.

"Okay class settle down it's time to start. Now, who read the excerpt that I gave you yester…. May I help you?" Mr. Becker said. "Um yeah, my names Reece Marks and I'm new I just moved here." "Well, Mr. Marks why don't you go sit next to Miss Matthews." Just as he finished saying that I saw one of Lindsay's "friends" move seats so an empty seat was next to Lindsay. "Mr. Becker Reece can sit here." Lindsay said in her fake teacher's pet voice. "Very well Mr. Marks take a seat next to Miss Anderson." "Alright." The rest of the class I couldn't even pay attention to Mr. Becker's lesson I was too annoyed with Lindsay and too busy looking at Reece.