I am currently studying to retake my CBEST and I have been writing essays to prepare. They asked me to write about someone unforgetable in my life and I thought I would share that here.

A few years ago I went to Africa with a gentleman that would soon introduce me to the woman that would become my mentor. We were hanging out at church they were being followed around by three children that I fell head over heels for and offered to babysit if they ever needed. They quickly took me up on that offer and that's when I began my friendship with his wife. Her name is Julie. Julie kind, compassionate, and giving. She has supported me in many endeavors, helps me control my anxiety, and teaches me new things on a daily basis. Without her I honestly don't know where my life would be. She has easily become the most unforgettable person in my life outside my family.

My life is constantly changing, whether that be through internships in Uganda, career changes, and the most recent Peace Corps Service for two years in Uganda. Julie as been there through it all. Our relationship is currently her in America and me living in Uganda and yet she is still here supporting me in all the things that I am doing. I remember when I first decided to join the Peace Corps Julie was thrilled for me and encouraged me to pursue that dream and see what would come out of it. I knew that moving away for two years was a crazy idea and most of my friends and family where not thrilled or supportive. Julie however, knew my heart and my desire to move to Africa and supported my decision to move and helped me be excited instead of scared. I may not have been able to move had she not supported me the way she had. Julie not only supports me but she also helps me maintain my anxiety.

A pretty well known fact about myself is the fact that I have anxiety. When I was living in the states I was able to control it pretty well because I knew my triggers and I the environment that I lived in. However, moving to Uganda has caused my anxiety to slightly worsen and I have much less control. Julie is here for me through all of my anxiety. She had given me phrases to remind myself that the thoughts my anxiety bring are just lies. She has also prayed for me and reminded me that anxiety is just temporary and my life is so much more than what my anxiety brings. I still don't have full control of my anxiety yet because of the constant environment and cultural changes living in a foreign country. Although, with Julie in my corner I am able to one day at a time have more control over my anxiety and that is a life savior. With teaching me how to control my anxiety she also just teaches me things in general.

Julie is a stay at home mom who also home schools her kids. She is constantly teaching me how to be an incredible parent, different tips and tricks on teaching, and how to communicate better with others especially in my relationships. I don't think she realizes how much she teaches me because most of the time it's just through our daily conversations that I learn new things from her. Especially about being a mom. She i constantly talking about her kids and different things about how she raises them and that has really sunk in with me and showed me different ways of how I some day want to parent. I think the biggest thing she has taught me is how to better communicate with my boyfriend. Julie and her husband has been married for ten years, and they have gone through a lot. Since they have been through so much Julie shares such things with me and gives me tips on how to communicate with my boyfriend since she too has been through those things. Julie doesn't even realize how much she teaches me in each of our conversations.

Julie is hands down one of the most unforgettable person in my life. Through her support, her help with my anxiety, and all that she teaches me she has brought me through some incredibly dark moments. She has helped me to see how brave I am, how strong I am, and how through hard work and perseverance I can get through anything. If I hadn't went to Uganda with her husband and been introduced to Julie I don't know where I would be right now in life.