4 College Classes That Actually Prepare You For The Real World
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Student Life

4 College Classes That Actually Prepare You For The Real World

And they're some of the most important college classes you can take.

4 College Classes That Actually Prepare You For The Real World
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Creating a college class schedule is probably one of the most clunky and frustrating things we as college students do. We spend hours researching professors for a class we need, and find that none of the times that professor teaches work in our schedules. Regardless, we beat on against the academic current. Most colleges offer a large variety of classes to get credit for core classes, and some are monumentally more helpful to you in the long run than others. Regardless of your major, there are some classes that people need to take in order to allow them to think for themselves. Recently, it seems like there is a lot of people who have blinded themselves by sticking one or two heavily biased media sources, and are either unwilling or unable to formulate a legitimate opinion on important topics, thus resulting in uneducated voting. So here are some classes that, regardless of your major, you should consider taking.

Microeconomic Theory

I am a little biased here, being an Economics major, but I firmly believe that this one class is one of the most important courses anyone can take, ever. Macroeconomics is important, but all of the theory behind macroeconomics stems from microeconomics. Understanding how single firms/households behave in a (relatively) capitalist society is vital to both your own personal decisions, as well as others. Understanding phrases are thrown around such as "unemployment rate," "GDP," "welfare," "inflation," and even "fascism" to their theoretical core will set you above the estimated majority of the nation that does not understand the simple economic theory behind how the world works. It is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) social science and pertains to everything from buying a car to running the United States of America.

Intro to Statistics

I have never underestimated a class as much as I did statistics. This class will help you easily see through so much of the media bias today, and how easily information can be skewed to fit an agenda. Statistics is a global field because it applies to every single STEM career, as well as every business career and some liberal arts degrees (primarily economics). Unless you plan on being a subsistence goat farmer in New Zealand, you will use some degree of statistical analysis in your life, so you should learn it early to make things easier on you (even still, I suspect goat farmers will use some minute degree of stats).


Initially, I thought philosophy would be a kumbaya where we all sit around and discuss the world Socratic seminar style. Philosophy is actually a class that teaches you about logical thinking and how equivalencies (and subsequently their inverse), truths, and fallacies are formed in rhetoric. Logic is incredibly important in formulating a cohesive and influential argument, as well as being adept at reading comprehension and writing. This is especially important for prospective law students, considering that a lot of the LSAT is logic games.


If you somehow find yourself in a degree plan that does not require you to take math through Calc 1, suck it up and take Calc 1 anyway. Math is the language of the universe, and one of the few concrete things that do not change with time. The theorems behind it might, but the laws which numbers abide by are everlasting. Simply put, calculus is one of those things that no matter how much you try to ignore it, you cannot escape it. Get a good professor and bite the bullet if you aren't good at math, and you will not regret it in the long run. (Assuming you put the effort into learning the material.) If you are the kind of student who sits at the back of the class playing clash of clans the whole time and acts surprised when they get handed a test, maybe higher education simply is not your calling.

You might have been required to take some, if not all of the above classes in high school. Regardless of your experience, the list above is (non-exclusively) some of the most helpful and important classes anyone can take in order to allow them to think for themselves and be smart about their life decisions. There are others of course, and what classes help you most is obviously subjective to a person's trajectory. If anything, take classes that best prepare you for your life calling, and do not sell your collegiate education short.

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