5 Things People In The Entertainment Industry Want You To Know
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5 Things People In The Entertainment Industry Want You To Know

It's not all fun and games.

5 Things People In The Entertainment Industry Want You To Know
Elizabeth Riik

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the entertainment industry, but there are some major things that should be considered when thinking about those of us who make the entertainment industry our career. Here is a little taste of what runs through our brains when talking about our careers, whether they're in theme parks or regular shows.

1. We're being friendly, not flirty.

If you meet the actors and actresses after a show, they are meeting the patrons as a sign of respect. We tend to be very social and have bubbly personalities, but don't think we are flirting with you. It's our job to put on a persona. Sure, there are those of us who are single, but don't assume that we're interested right away. It's our job to portray different personalities, so more than likely we can read through you.Don't think we're mean people wither, but just like strippers on a pole, we need to make money somehow. Since this can situationally based, there are those of us who meet our significant others through shows, whether they were an audience member or a fellow performer. We aren't being overly friendly or naïve--show respect because we display our craft differently.

2. Please don't ask the friends to "dab."

I'm sure that a good percentage of the population has seen the video of Squidward doing the “Dab." It was, and continues to be, a popular dance move with regular and cannabis society. From a theme park prospective, no one should be asking any of the characters to “Dab."

Most characters you meet are from children’s shows so it's immature to ask a childish character to “Dab." On a side note, none of the characters at theme parks in Orlando are allowed to do the dance move because of it being a drug reference.

3. Don't ask if the friends are "hot"

Nothing ruins the magic of meeting everyone’s favorite friend from a television show/movie than someone asking if they are “hot” in the “costume”. Our friends travel from their homes to insure that they meet their fans. Mickey Mouse is the king of “quick changes” in his clothes.

Spongebob loves meeting new people and Squidward takes time off from cashiering at the Krusty Krab to say hi to people because he loves the attention. We know Florida weather is hot and humid but our friends, who travel from their home, come outside or inside knowing that Florida is hot.

4. The friends want to greet you but treat them with respect.

When you meet someone at first, do you shake their hand? Verbally greet them? Kick them? Slap them? Do I need to say more? When you meet a friend from the parks, you should treat them with respect. It's culturally unacceptable to kick, slap or hit someone upon first contact.

Our friends who come around should be treated with respect and not hatred. You wouldn't treat actors and actresses after a show with a slap or kick upon meeting them, when why would you treat someone who may be a squid, sponge, mouse, etc. like they are inferior to you?

5. All shows you see are hours of hard work and dedication, don't scoff at ticket prices.

The arts are often seen as expensive to support. A ticket to a performance or even a theme park is considered to be expensive. Imagine you baking a pie, and how much prep it takes, then having someone say that it was horrible and that you should not bake. I would imagine all of you would react negatively towards that comment.People in the entertainment business who are in shows are proud of their craft and want to show it off to the world. It takes money to run a show or a business. Humans love to be entertained and entertainment has a lot of genres. Shows are one of the oldest genres, and it should not fade due to their historical value. Don't complain about prices when most of the population buys the newest technology without batting an eye.
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