Why Magic Is Real

Stop. Take a moment. Step outside. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the ground. Feel it. Take in the connection, the varying tones of green in the trees whose long arms loom over you. The purity in the white of the fluffy snow that surrounds you. The tiny little beads of sand that all come together to form something strong enough to hold a human's weight a hundred times over. But more than anything else, look at the magic that is the growing of the trees.

A small seed gets put in the earth and each day magically gets bigger and bigger until it is stronger, wiser, and older than anything else on this earth. But that's not magic, that's science, right? What if, magic and science aren't two opposing theories but actually synonyms for the same inexplicable processes that create the most beautiful, enchanting, and interesting parts of our universe.

Science is what we use to explain many phenomena, but the deeper we go, the fewer explanations we have. Where did the first cells come from? What is it like inside a black hole? What determines sexual orientation? At a certain point, we run out of explanations. That point, is magic.

Magic doesn't necessarily mean a witch flying on a broomstick. It doesn't have to be a term with a stigma from centuries ago attached to it. Magic can be the spark of joy that ignites in your heart when you see a baby's smile. It can be the snow falling from the sky for Pete's sake. I mean that's crazy. We don't question it, because we're used to it. Imagine being the first person to experience that. Some unknown flakes falling from the sky that dissolve once they touch your hand? Sounds pretty magical to me. So, whether you call it "Gods work" or "science" or whatever term you may use... don't forget to stop every once in a while, and appreciate the magic that is all around you.

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