Some of the most magnificent concepts about the changing cultures and times are the ways that traditional ways of life are evolving. Africa, a third world country, struggling with disease and poor living conditions has become one of the most rapidly changing countries in the world.

Kenya, Africa. A place where people hunted lions, for fun. Personally, I wouldn't want Simba to eat me, but then again, I can sit at home and watch "The Lion King" on a TV or Netflix. That is a luxury that people in Kenya do not have. Once a year, prior to 2014, the Kenyan warriors called Maasai, would hunt together for a lion. This year, they put down the weapons and opted for sneakers.

In order for the warriors of the Maasai to show their strength and aptitude, they began the Maasai Olympic Games. Young warriors aged from about 16-25 competed against each other for luxurious prizes such as prize medals, money, scholarships, a young bull to produce for their families and menyattas, and even funded trips to the NYC Marathon. Events such as the 200 m race, 800 m race, and 5,000 m race, as well as the high jump, javelin throwing, and club throwing were executed in traditional Olympic fashion.

In such occurrences like these, the rest of the more privileged world can observe that money, production, and expensive items should not make us happy. These people are celebrating their culture, are cheering their family and friends on, and are enjoying themselves without technology, killing, or riches. Of course, they are hoping to win so that they can receive the luxuries offered but compared to the prices people in the United States win in competitions, the prizes that the Kenyans are winning are miniscule. The microcosm of the Maasai Warriors should stand to show the rest of the world that, especially around Christmas, being with and supporting family should be one's priority. Third World countries as opposed to First World countries should set the example for happiness and hope around the Holiday Season, as the small things in life should make all the difference.

Don't worry, Simba is safe now. Hakuna Matata.