The Life Of A Senior In College

The Life Of A Senior In College

Expectations: "last year, best year"

Reality: "great, its time to start thinking about what the next move is."

It's a weird feeling; getting older.

One day you're waiting for your 13th birthday and next thing you know it you're 21 years old, graduating from college and on to the next chapter.

You're an official now, imagine that. You can legally drink, something every single college student in America looks forward too.

I can promise you right now it's not all it's cracked up to be. There are a lot of responsibilities and stress that comes along with that title.

First off, everyone is going to ask you what your next step is and honestly, it sucks even if you have it figured out. If you don't have it figured you, you get to hear the uncomfortable "oh it's okay you're young and you got time" speech. Figuring out whether or not grad school or a gap year is the right move is also very stressful. If you jump into grad school right away you'll feel stressed

It's not easy. Everyone is always so ready for the next step but once you get there you start to wish that time would just slow down.

Here is my advice. enjoy every moment. Hold on to the late-night library sessions, roommate bonding experiences, laughter, love , and friendships. Make every single moment count before they become memories.

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