I am a member of a group that consists of 10% of people. We call ourselves the lefties. I've heard all of the different beliefs that we are creative, more intelligent, or the spawn of satan. Personally, I like to think we are more intelligent. Though I do enjoy having the unique characteristic of being left-handed, we lefties have to endure the everyday struggles of living in a right-handed world.


While writing notes, writing a letter, or drawing, it is without fail that there will be smudges on my paper as I move to the right side of the page. At the same time, whether I am using a pen or pencil, after writing for a period of time I find the side of my left hand is covered in ink/ lead smudges.

2. Scissors

scissors are made for the righties. Luckily, supply companies now make left-handed scissors. However, often these are not available. This leaves my hand hurting and my cutting skills looking like those of a 4-year-old.

3. Driving

Even driving is made for the right-footed. As a left-footed individual, I have quicker reflexes and more coordination with my left foot. This can affect the quality of our use of the gas and brakes. I would argue that left handed/ footed drivers should be able to buy cars that have steering wheels on the passenger side of the car and pedals made to be used with the left foot. I realize this point sounds dramatic but this small detail can be impactful.

4. Left-handed desk

There are a few classrooms that have one left-handed desk. This is all and well until there are multiple lefties in the class. The desks that solely have the right side table leave us lefties hunched over awkwardly trying to take notes.

5. Sitting to the right of someone while eating

This one is the most annoying for others. If I am at a restaurant sitting to the right of a friend or family member, they can expect to get the occasional or frequent elbow bump as I attempt to raise my fork with my left hand as they use their right.