The end of the semester is a stressful time for college students. A time when we generally spend the majority of our lives crying, sleeping, and procrastinating. A time where we must accept that finals might ruin us forever, we're another year closer to the end, and the real world really is out there waiting for us. Maybe the NBA will help us all feel a little better:

1. When professors don't understand that your time is precious and limited.

Sometimes they think you're spending $60,000 to take their class only.

2. Acing your presentation you prepared the night before.

Procrastination is on the road to proficiency.

3. When class is canceled.

Literally a gift and a dream come true; it'll make your whole week.

4. Looking at your alarm like:

Why you gotta wake me up like that fam?

5. At least the weather is nicer and it stays dark later.

Let's just pretend that awkward April snow flurry didn't happen.

6. When you sit down with your advisor to figure out the rest of your life.

You're beyond ready to get your shit together.

7. When the conversation turns serious and you actually need to make a plan for the rest of your life.

You're actually so not ready to get your shit together.

8. Then you can't help but laugh at how stressed you're becoming.

It's cool. I'm fine. Really, I'm FINE.

9. Because literally everything is due on the same day and you're just trying to slide by.

Stop trying to make sliding happen. It's never going to happen.

10. And you seriously consider dropping out of college.

You can totally justify dropping out. Totally. Justifiable.

11. But you remember there's only 3 weeks of classes left.

And a half a week. And a makeup snow day. And a reading day. But we so close fam.

12. So you unsuccessfully try to slow time down because you're not ready to be a SENIOR.


13. But your mom is cheering you on from the sidelines like:

My mom always has my back.

14. And you're like "Okay, let's finish up strong."

It's time to focus.

15. As you get ready for the biggest game of the year.

Let the domination begin.