The Irony of Smartphones

The problem with our generation is the small rectangular boxes that everyone carries around. Inside those boxes contains the ability to research, educate, and prosper. However, there's a catch. Isn't there always?

Smartphones are slowly changing the way humans interact with each other. If you step inside a subway, how many people do you see having an actual conversation? Most people are plugged into their device, listening to music, texting, or just scrolling through social media. Conversation is one of the most pure things a person can do. Conversations can be casual, necessary, even life changing. Communication doesn't have to be through using words, it can be through actions and body language.

The irony of smart phones is we use them to keep in touch with each other, yet in the end we end up distancing ourselves even more. One of the most popular features of a smart phone is social media. Social media is wonderful for keeping in touch with friends, and personally I have been so grateful for it to keep up with my family and friends that live far away. However, we as a society need to collectively draw the line. It can be ever so tempting to take a picture for Instagram of the cool view you see from your hike, or to instantly respond to the Snapchats from your friends, or to endlessly scroll through Twitter when bored. However, even better than staring at a small box for hours is communicating in person.

When I was younger I went to summer camp. At camp, we were not allowed to have any type of technology. I think the reason I have met such wonderful people from camp is because I was forced to have real conversations with people, whether funny or serious. Today I am guilty of using my phone when I am bored, and personally I am trying to work on self control. It is ultimately up to you whether to have a conversation with someone, or to be glued to your phone.

So I urge you next time you are on a subway, put your phone away, find someone sitting alone, and have a real conversation. You never know, one conversation could lead to life changing connections.

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