It's been a long time since 2005, the year the world was introduced to the superfamily clad in read. Since then we've said our farewells to Andy and his toys, met a fiery red-head princess, and yes, even tolerated four films about talking cars. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Pixar has been killing the animation-film game since its inception, and skyrocketed since "Incredibles" first came out, which nabbed an Oscar in 2005, and seven more have been won by the studio for their feature films, and two more for shorter pieces.

Despite the studio's success, there was always one question the it was hammered with:

So, when are we getting that next "Incredibles" movie?

My friends, I'm happy to say that after over a decade's wait, it's finally here. And my reaction can be summed with one gif:

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I saw the movie Wednesday night as part of a special double feature with the first one, and dang, I honestly forgot how great the first one was.

The new film has two plot lines, one for Elastigirl and one for Mr. Incredible. Elastigirl (aka Helen) has been recruited to be the new face of the campaign to allow supers to come out of hiding and legally save their cities again. I don't want to reveal more than what Pixar already has, but let's say that this movie totally reaffirmed Helen being my favorite. I also love how while the masses (of reality, not the film) call her Mrs. Incredible, she's not called that in either movie. She keeps her Elastigirl persona, not taking on Bob's. Points to Pixar for that little detail.

Bob on the other hand might be incredible at keeping cities safe, but he's having a little trouble becoming Super Dad. From boyfriend drama, to math, to the everyday struggles of a toddler, Mr. Incredible has taken on his biggest task yet while also fighting his biggest nemesis: a bruised ego.

This movie was so worth the wait. I can honestly forgive Pixar for making four "Cars" movies before this (I'll never forgive for "The Good Dinosaur" though, that was garb). I can really see why they waited so long, in order to give this "incredible" family the story and sequel they deserve. It had tons of heart and the love the Parrs have for eachother oozes.

The film brims to the top with humor too. There were even scenes my cousin and I had to wipe tears away from our faces and hold our sides to keep from busting. Most of these scenes were thanks to scene-stealer and fashion icon Edna Mode. But the newest scene-stealer is breakout baby Jack-Jack who, while still not toilet trained since the events of the first movie, has quite a few tricks up his onesie.

Humor and heart are two keywords when describing this movie. I'm not even mad this sequel was such a long time coming, because it's blaringly obvious it was carefully produced and a love-project, rather than dished out just for the big bucks. Go see "Incredibles 2" at a theater near you!