If you know me on a personal level, then you know that I am a hot mess express and I drive this train boocakes! My life is whirlwind of college, full time work, family, and all things that involve serving the Lord. I am a wild person that loves people and has some major flaws.

I love to adventure and meet people. That has become one of my favorite things as I have gotten older (I am writing this as I sit at Yellowstone National Park). I am becoming obsessed with sharing my story and hearing other people’s. I have grown up in the South my whole life, so it is fascinating that I have the privilege to travel the whole world. I have learned some things though as I have ventured out.

1. People are not always nice to me, and sometimes they don’t mean to come off this way.

2. People don’t understand my heavy accent, so I need to be cautious of that (lol).

3. Sweet tea is not common. Let that sit in. Read it again. #cultureshock

4. I don’t appreciate the beauty of the world like I should.

5. I love not wearing makeup and getting sweaty and filthy. #roughingit

6. Humidity is not common. My hair legit has no idea what to do with itself right now since it’s not a frizz ball.

7. People are so neat to get to see out and about and just living their true lives.

I have not been out very much in my life, but I will not say that I am sheltered. I am naive to a lot of the things in this world, and I struggle with that. I am so unaware of how tough the world can be and adventuring out has taught me that. Many people do not understand me and I have got to learn to accept that, which is so much easier said than done. Traveling is so great and I support it, because it teaches an individual so much about themselves.

Life was meant to be exciting and full of adventures, and it is so great to me that I have the privilege to take part in traveling at such a young age. I do not ever want to take for granted this wonderful place that I get to call home, but it does not hurt to see more of what this wonderful planet has to offer. My advice to people my age isn’t to get out there and learn other people’s stories, but also learn your own.