The Importance Of Open Communication

The Importance Of Open Communication

Imagine if people openly expressed their feelings.

We always hear "communication is key," but if it is that essential, why isn't it used as frequently? We live in a world where means of communication are so easily accessible, yet fewer people seem to be communicating.

How many times have we been frustrated in our movie theater seats as we watch a scene of dramatic irony due to miscommunication or lack of miscommunication? We live in a society where that frustration is not only seen from a distance, but experienced daily. The problem with communication that exists in the present is mostly due to the fact that people hold in their feelings and are not able to express their true emotions. I could not even begin to count how many social or emotional problems I have experienced due to lack of communication, and that bothers me in the sense that if only both parties of an issue had expressed their true feelings, there would be no issue to begin with.

I am also guilty of this. It takes a lot of courage to be assertive and express what you want, and I have also been in many unfortunate situations where the cause of the problem was due to lack of communication from MY end. This issue is so prominent in society, but I would like to imagine that we lived in a perfect world where people could use the vast array of means of communicating to do just that.

Imagine that people in relationships were able to communicate any problems they had to each other. Instead of ignoring the issue or trying to make the other person figure out what is wrong, wouldn't it be easier to just straight out say what is wrong so that you could work through the issue together? Rather than saying "everything is fine," something like "I don't like how ___ is causing problems and I want to work this out with you."

When the first happens, even more issues are caused to the point where there might even be a break in the relationship, even if the issue was something small to begin with. But when the latter happens in relationships, there tend to be fewer problems between the two because everything is out in the open and you know just what is going on in each other's minds.

Imagine that friends talked to each other rather than behind each other's backs about any issues they might have. Having gone through high school, there is such a lack of face-to-face communication between people. Instead of talking through any problems, most people just spread false information further and further to the point where nobody even knows the real truth. Friends will get mad at each other and not even know why because no one has the right information and they all heard different things from different people. I have been in plenty of situations where someone will randomly not talk to me as often as they used to and I have no idea why. So, when I confront them, it turns out that they heard negative things from other people and none of them were true. Once it was cleared up, there was no issue left and everything was back to normal. However, not everyone talks it out at the end. Instead, they'll let it build up to the point where one person stops talking to the other randomly, and then that second person never asks why and stops talking to the first person. Due to a lack of communication, a close friendship is broken. Times like this you realize just how important it is to talk everything out rather than waiting for a miracle of some sort to happen.

Communication is so important, and every day we realize this more and more. Every day we are going to encounter different kinds of people and be put in different situations and to make the best of every situation, you need to learn to be open. Express your feelings, talk through issues, and clearly communicate whatever it is you need to.

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I'm A Woman And You Can't Convince Me Breastfeeding In Public Is OK In 2019

Sorry, not sorry.


Lately, I have seen so many people going off on social media about how people shouldn't be upset with mothers breastfeeding in public. You know what? I disagree.

There's a huge difference between being modest while breastfeeding and just being straight up careless, trashy and disrespectful to those around you. Why don't you try popping out a boob without a baby attached to it and see how long it takes for you to get arrested for public indecency? Strange how that works, right?

So many people talking about it bring up the point of how we shouldn't "sexualize" breastfeeding and seeing a woman's breasts while doing so. Actually, all of these people are missing the point. It's not sexual, it's just purely immodest and disrespectful.

If you see a girl in a shirt cut too low, you call her a slut. If you see a celebrity post a nude photo, you call them immodest and a terrible role model. What makes you think that pulling out a breast in the middle of public is different, regardless of what you're doing with it?

If I'm eating in a restaurant, I would be disgusted if the person at the table next to me had their bare feet out while they were eating. It's just not appropriate. Neither is pulling out your breast for the entire general public to see.

Nobody asked you to put a blanket over your kid's head to feed them. Nobody asked you to go feed them in a dirty bathroom. But you don't need to basically be topless to feed your kid. Growing up, I watched my mom feed my younger siblings in public. She never shied away from it, but the way she did it was always tasteful and never drew attention. She would cover herself up while doing it. She would make sure that nothing inappropriate could be seen. She was lowkey about it.

Mindblowing, right? Wait, you can actually breastfeed in public and not have to show everyone what you're doing? What a revolutionary idea!

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby. It's something you need to do, it's a part of life. But there is definitely something wrong with thinking it's fine to expose yourself to the entire world while doing it. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody cares if you're feeding your kid. Nobody cares if you're trying to make some sort of weird "feminist" statement by showing them your boobs.

Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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There Are Many Things That I Could Change So Slightly

But why would I succumb to something so unlike me?


Jess Glynne and Ed Sheeran paired up late last year to write and record Thursday. The first time I heard it, I loved it and couldn't stop listening to it. Why? Because it's incredibly relatable. Aren't we all tired of not feeling like we're enough? Aren't we all sick of being fake and "covering up"? Don't we all want to embrace and accept those specific flaws and character traits that we hate about ourselves? Below, I typed out the song lyrics, going through the first set of verses, into the chorus, and then the second set of verses. I added my own commentary below each picture in hopes of encouraging you and bringing you to hope. Wanting to stick with the theme of "beautiful" from the song, I found an article that has pictures of women from all over the world. They all look different, but they are all truly beautiful. It's as if we are all made in the image of our Creator.

1. I won’t wear makeup on Thursday.  I’m sick of covering up.


Makeup can be a ton of fun, but for some women, it can be a hassle. Maybe you wear makeup on a regular basis, but just want to change things up. Go for it! Go a day bare-faced and see how it makes you feel. Personally, I like to go one day a week without makeup, just to give my skin a rest. It makes me more appreciative of makeup when I put it on the next day.

2. I’m tired of feeling so broken.  I’m tired of falling in love.


Feel stuck in a rut? Feel like nothing is ever going to change? I saw this on an anonymous Facebook post several months ago: "The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that nothing will ever change." Step out and make a change in your life, no matter how small the change may be. The first step isn't the whole journey (duh!), but it's a step in the right direction.

3. Sometimes I’m shy and I’m anxious, sometimes I’m down on my knees.  Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities.


This song is an open book: No matter how perfect someone looks, no matter how wonderful their life seems, there is something (or possibly many things) they struggle with. You don't see all the nights they cry themselves to sleep. You don't see their inner scars. Stop comparing yourself to them. The only person that gets hurt in that situation is yourself.

4. So I won’t wear makeup on Thursday, cause who I am is enough.  There are many things that I could change so slightly.


Yes, there are many things that you can change. Look for ways to improve yourself. Learn a new skill. Reach out to the lonely. Laugh at the little joys of everyday life. Who you are is enough because God knitted you together, perfectly imperfect.

5. But why would I succumb to something so unlike me?  I was always told to just be myself.


At some point you're going to have to be okay with yourself. You can run, but you can never escape yourself (believe me, I've tried). Your life is going to suck if you try to be someone who is not you. Be yourself. Yep, that's it.

6. Don’t change, for anyone.  I wanna laugh, I don’t wanna cry.


I used to think that if I wore certain clothes, talked a specific way, acted in a proper manner, and smiled at just the right moments that people would like me more and I'd have more friends. After trying this several times, I realized that changing myself just so people would like me (for someone I'm not) was a total waste of time. Ain't nobody got time to be someone else! Live in your own shoes, not someone else's.

7. Don’t want these tears inside my eyes.  Don’t wanna wake up and feel insecure.


Wouldn't it feel so nice to wakeup and be secure in who God made you to be? Guess what? You can! It takes effort and strength to walk in confidence, but knowing who your Creator is and why you're here on Earth is a huge confidence builder. Sometimes you have to fake it because you won't always believe it, but once you start living with this confidence, it'll become much more natural to wakeup and feel secure.

8. I wanna sing, I wanna dance, I wanna feel love inside my hands again.  I just wanna feel beautiful.


Say nice things to people, don't be afraid to be honest, laugh out loud, and be kind to those who don't show you kindness. Beauty is not about how look, but about how you act. While looks play a role, they certainly aren't everything.

9. I’ll wear my sweatpants on Thursday.  And I’ll drink sloe gin from a can.


We all know how good it feels to come home, put on comfy clothes, and chill. While I personally don't drink, some people find that relaxing. I like drinking herbal tea or decaf coffee when I'm chilling. The nice thing about "just chilling" is that you can be you, all wrapped up in your comfy clothes.

10. I’ll build my own independence.  I don’t always need a man.


Now ladies, for those of us that are looking for a relationship, know that you don't need a man to be satisfied and happy in life. As annoying and cliche as it is to say, the right guy will for sure come along when the time is right. There is only one man that you do need, though, and He is the only perfect man to have ever lived: Jesus. You don't need to pull some silly line when you find yourself to be single again on Valentine's Day: "Jesus is my boyfriend." No, quit that nonsense. Jesus is your savior, not a boyfriend replacement. Be independent, but don't demean men. Everything is better when we work as a team.

11. You know sometimes I feel lonely, could do with the company.  Oh I get high when I’m down, but you know that’s alright with me.


Yes, sometimes you'll be lonely. And that's ok. Lean in to God's word when you're lonely. As cheesy or dorky as it sounds, get back on "high" knowing that God never leaves you. It's us who walk away from Him. Come back to Him because there's no better place to be.

12. So I will do nothing on Thursday.  Sit alone and be.


You're going to feel down, feel worthless, and feel like you're not enough. We all have those days. How do you pull yourself out? By telling yourself that it's not true. By sitting alone sometimes, writing it all out, and being ok with yourself. It's going to be a lifelong battle of fighting our fleshly desires and feelings, but we have the right tools thanks to our loving Father.

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