The Importance Of Open Communication

We always hear "communication is key," but if it is that essential, why isn't it used as frequently? We live in a world where means of communication are so easily accessible, yet fewer people seem to be communicating.

How many times have we been frustrated in our movie theater seats as we watch a scene of dramatic irony due to miscommunication or lack of miscommunication? We live in a society where that frustration is not only seen from a distance, but experienced daily. The problem with communication that exists in the present is mostly due to the fact that people hold in their feelings and are not able to express their true emotions. I could not even begin to count how many social or emotional problems I have experienced due to lack of communication, and that bothers me in the sense that if only both parties of an issue had expressed their true feelings, there would be no issue to begin with.

I am also guilty of this. It takes a lot of courage to be assertive and express what you want, and I have also been in many unfortunate situations where the cause of the problem was due to lack of communication from MY end. This issue is so prominent in society, but I would like to imagine that we lived in a perfect world where people could use the vast array of means of communicating to do just that.

Imagine that people in relationships were able to communicate any problems they had to each other. Instead of ignoring the issue or trying to make the other person figure out what is wrong, wouldn't it be easier to just straight out say what is wrong so that you could work through the issue together? Rather than saying "everything is fine," something like "I don't like how ___ is causing problems and I want to work this out with you."

When the first happens, even more issues are caused to the point where there might even be a break in the relationship, even if the issue was something small to begin with. But when the latter happens in relationships, there tend to be fewer problems between the two because everything is out in the open and you know just what is going on in each other's minds.

Imagine that friends talked to each other rather than behind each other's backs about any issues they might have. Having gone through high school, there is such a lack of face-to-face communication between people. Instead of talking through any problems, most people just spread false information further and further to the point where nobody even knows the real truth. Friends will get mad at each other and not even know why because no one has the right information and they all heard different things from different people. I have been in plenty of situations where someone will randomly not talk to me as often as they used to and I have no idea why. So, when I confront them, it turns out that they heard negative things from other people and none of them were true. Once it was cleared up, there was no issue left and everything was back to normal. However, not everyone talks it out at the end. Instead, they'll let it build up to the point where one person stops talking to the other randomly, and then that second person never asks why and stops talking to the first person. Due to a lack of communication, a close friendship is broken. Times like this you realize just how important it is to talk everything out rather than waiting for a miracle of some sort to happen.

Communication is so important, and every day we realize this more and more. Every day we are going to encounter different kinds of people and be put in different situations and to make the best of every situation, you need to learn to be open. Express your feelings, talk through issues, and clearly communicate whatever it is you need to.

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