The Importance Of College Sports

Coming into college I knew I wanted to attend a school that had a decent sports reputation. I felt as though sporting events would give me the opportunity to depress from classes. This could not be more the truth. Going to Villanova I knew that Basketball was a big deal. Their 2016 National Championship was the reason I applied to Villanova instead of UNC. The environment that the sport creates is way bigger than I ever imagine.

The basketball team at Villanova (and at times the Football team when they play Temple) are a uniting force for the Villanova community. At basketball games people are able to make friends and be in a more relaxed environment than a class room. Sporting events also gives schools a chance to make money and host events. The amount of watch parties that different student groups have is outrageous, but also completely necessary.

The hope it provides. Getting to witness a national Championship at Villanova my freshmen year, every NCAA tournament provides the opportunity for another parade in Philly and late nights on Lancaster Avenue. The teams instill hope into a school.

While I have mainly focused on the role of basketball at Villanova this same feelings and events happen at every school and may vary based on their "main sport". Overall College Sports provide college kids with a small glimmer of hope after a long school day. They are a way to make friends when you do not know a single person going to the game. They are the way to unite a school to feel like a community.

Go Cats!!

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