The Idea Of Love

Love is an interesting emotion. It manages to somehow be one of our most basic emotions, yet one of our most powerful and most complex. It’s such a poignant feeling that there are people that are in love with just the idea of love. Everybody who has ever lived has held love in their heart for someone or something. For most people, I imagine that their strongest love is the love they have for their family and friends. For others, it’s their passions and hobbies. There are even people that are deeply enamored by simple things such as the way that trees sway back and forth in the wind, and the sound of rippling water.

In my eyes, love doesn’t have a set definition. While it’s easy to spot things that are definitely not love, I think it’s a bit more difficult to create a specific meaning for the term. I believe that the concept of love varies from person to person. It is ultimately up to the individual to create and implement their own unique ideas of love into their lives.

My personal, idealised version of love is something that is very pure and simple. For me, having love for another person is very selfless. It’s being ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make that person happy. It’s about making compromises and sacrifices. In addition, my idea of love is loving a person for everything that they are. It’s not just loving them in spite of their flaws, it’s loving what their flaws are. The people in my life that I have love for, I love through and through, and it is very important to me that those individuals are aware of that.

Part of the reason why it is important to find your own definition of love is because different people have different morals and ideals. For example, the idea of love that I described is very selfless, and I imagine that many people would argue that love should be more of a two way street. It shouldn’t be one person doing everything to please the other, it should be both of them making a genuine effort to make each other happy.

Love isn’t something that we usually have control over. Whether it’s romantic or platonic love, becoming enamored with a person, object or activity typically just happens naturally. As redundant as it may sound, I love the idea of love. I love the feeling that comes with making the people that I care about happy. I even love seeing others in love. But my idea of love is unique to me, so I would never try to push it onto someone else. As I’ve already said numerous times, it is up to the individual to discover what love means to them.

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