The Holidays As Told By "How I Met Your Mother"

November and December are magical months filled with chilly weather, warm beverages, infinite amounts of food, time off from work or school, and, of course, the holidays! The holiday spirit quickly becomes contagious and fills households across the nation. Even your favorite TV characters can get wrapped up in the season.

1. Your initial reaction to premature Christmas music.

Also, the decorations and merchandise. I mean, as of Halloween day, Target transforms into a winter wonderland! What's up with that?

2. When mid-November rolls around and you have decided to embrace the Christmas music on the radio.

Although you have already heard "Jingle Bell Rock" at least a dozen times and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, you're oddly satisfied with your festive spirit.

3. When you finally get to embrace Thanksgiving Day.

With all the chatter over Christmas, sometimes Thanksgiving gets caught in the shuffle, and that makes you sad. Thanksgiving is a day all about food (and thankfulness, of course) and deserves to be properly appreciated!

4. Jumping right back into Christmas mode only a few hours after Thanksgiving ends.


5. Anytime you hear the extra festive version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.

All I want for Christmas are Mariah's vocals. Thanks.

6. That moment you deem it socially acceptable to dust off your festive sweater collection.

Extra points if you can get someone to coordinate with your outfit.

7. When your neighbors try to out-do your decorations.

Unless they can get Santa himself to pose on their roof, your decorations will continue to reign superior.

8. Christmas shopping on a budget.

Time to break out the coupons!

9. When you feel bad about bailing, but really don't want to attend another Christmas party.

Sooner or later you're going to have to come up with more clever ways to engage in small talk. You can only ramble on about the weather for so long.

10. When somebody asks you what you want for Christmas.

Financial stability, job security, and no more student loans would be great. Oh, also a waffle maker!

11. Finding the perfect gift for your best friend or S.O.

Way to be cute and creative!

12. When you've waited all year for cold weather and it finally comes.

Okay, but let's be honest here. Who ISN'T dreaming of a white Christmas?

13. When it's Christmas Eve and you realize you haven't wrapped any of the gifts yet.

Do you even own any wrapping paper? Ugh, why did you procrastinate?

14. When it is finally Christmas Day and you can spend time with the ones you love.

Not to mention the amazing food you'll feast on all day.

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