Even Though It Wasn't Supposed To Be A Breakup Album, "Melodrama" Is All About Being The Victim In A Breakup
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Even Though It Wasn't Supposed To Be A Breakup Album, "Melodrama" Is All About Being The Victim In A Breakup

Lordes Melodrama perfectly describes the heartbreak stages through her own powerful songs and lyrics.

Even Though It Wasn't Supposed To Be A Breakup Album, "Melodrama" Is All About Being The Victim In A Breakup

Lorde got her name out there and drew in thousands of fans when her first album "Pure Heroine," hit the charts. Lorde took a break from all the hype and spotlight to recover from her breakup with photographer James Lowe.

After nearly 5 years of not releasing music, her single "Green Light" was released and said to be specifically about James. Shortly after Green Light came out was when "Melodrama" was released. While "Melodrama" isn't said to be a breakup album, there are hints and clues that tie together the process in her breakup with James.

1."Green Light"

Again, Lorde admits this song is exactly about "her first major heartbreak." She says "This song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards". If you listen to and analyze the lyrics you can tell that she is calling him out for his wrongdoings and not staying true to his word of never falling out of love.

2. "Sober"

To clear her head and forget of all the hurt in her heart, she goes to a party to distract herself. Notice the lyric "These are the games of the weekend; we pretend that we just don't care." She's fresh single, and she's going to take that to her full advantage for the night.

3. "Homemade Dynamite"

One of the most fun and energetic songs off of this album, "Homemade Dynamite" appears to be about meeting someone at the party she's at and feeling a spark which turns into an explosively good time, aka a rebound. She "doesn't know him super well" but thinks something good could come out of this. The lyrics "Seeing me rolling showing someone else love" could mean that she hopes to have James see that she's messing around with someone else and that he should be jealous.

4. "The Louvre"

This is Lorde reflecting on the happier times yet regretting all she sacrificed to keep him happy. "Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you" indicates that she put him before her friends when she shouldn't have. But she also says "We're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre." She wants to believe her love was as beautiful and everlasting as the museum.

5. "Liability"

"Liability" is all about Lorde. This song is her coming to realize that what's done is done and she needs to take this season of life to focus on herself. While people come and go she will always have herself, so might as well learn to feel good about you again.

6. "Hard Feelings/Loveless"

"Hard feelings" are the emotions of sad and sorrow after Lordes breakup. "Loveless" is the song to remind her that she's an absolute badass who doesn't need anyone but herself to keep her sane and happy.

7. "Sober II (Melodrama)"

"Sober II" ties in with "Sober" that was previously mentioned. The lyric "You asked if I was feeling it, I'm psycho high" is taken as Lorde's friend asking if she "was feeling it" last night at the party she attended. She reminisces on the previous night (or her past relationship) and "How fast the evening passed." She was having the time of her life, and now it's over.

8. "Writer In The Dark"

James has moved on and Lorde is devastated. She says at the beginning of this song "Break the news you're walking out, to be a good man for someone else." She still holds love for James, but she is trying to love herself again too while accepting that he is with someone new.

9. "Supercut"

Lorde is looking at what went wrong because she thought it was all fine. The lyrics "In my head, I do everything right, when I call I forgive and not fight" tell us so. She's thinking of the times in her relationship that made her smile.

10. "Perfect Places"

This song is about the great escape. Kind of similar to "Sober", "Perfect Places" is also about a getaway night and going to their utopian destination to flee the pain. While the adventure is fun at the moment, Lorde is then reminded that this feeling is only temporary and sooner or later she will go back to feeling the pain of heartbreak. However, in previous songs, she states that she is going to work on herself and while the partying and fun is temporary, the heartbreak she is feeling is temporary too.

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