The Disorganized Government Waltz

It is a dance of passion and desperation; a single step in time leading to a bold stroke in matter. Translated and transmitted in various ways through a myriad of outlets--it is unbelievable that such catastrophes and prodigies can come from a single, seemingly unimportant, syllable. I speak of the miracle that is language; more specifically, the unaddressed importance of presentation.

In my previous articles on the spoken word, I had briefly analyzed the oratory abilities of both U.S. Presidents--Barack Obama and Donald Trump. In light of recent events, specifically Trump's tweets on the supposed 'burden' that transgender persons impose on the military, I would like to reopen the discussion.

Rather than focus on the obvious civil rights issue that this presents, I would like to turn your attention to a much more hidden or inherent quagmire buried in Trump's newest boy scouts fad. As I had mentioned before, it is a dance--more specifically, conversation is a dance. It is a talent that can go from convincing your friend that one band is better than another to compelling a stranger that one farmers' market has fresher produce. It is, indeed, a possible rout to rule the world--or at least to manipulate it to a certain point.

What I mean is: it's a dance--politics, that is--and there are certain steps you need to know to incontrovertibly succeed. Notice how I've said succeed instead of survive. I stress this because President Trump is not succeeding, but treading on a thin line: this thin line being his use of Twitter for Government policy.

Though this may seem small and lacking in urgency, it is a specific issue in communication and presentation. Leaders of Government, U.S. Presidency included, hold a certain weight in their occupations (believe it or not). Yes, you have responsibility, but most importantly you have expectation.

Of course, every individual has a certain level of duty or function--whether it be a job, family or another community of sorts. We feel obligated to them, or at least to a certain cause involving them.

Mr. Trump, you specifically have said responsibility.

Returning to the dance, every step requires communication between the two partners. If one partner takes a step forward, the other responds with a step back, and the two alternate. They eventually form a healthy, functional circle.

Now, what if that partner didn't make their intentions clear about stepping forward? Maybe they take a step too early and crush the other's foot, or worse, they fall out of rhythm completely and stop the dance all together.

Communication and presentation are key. You must make your action cogent to your partner as well as communicate fully when your step is going to happen--your partner, naturally, will follow. When it comes to the relation between Government and citizen, such a dance can resemble that ideal interaction.

Of course, this is not reality. Instead of two figures dancing a waltz, imagine thousands dancing--each with their own intent and style. That is probably the closest we can get to imagining the relationship between Government and citizen in dance form.

But, I repeat, the expectation remains the same. Partner must respect partner; one must clearly communicate their intentions and actions with the other in order for the dance to even begin. Trump's use of Twitter, specifically in this case of military policy, is completely throwing our dance out of rhythm. Some say his unpredictability is "admirable." Call it, "improv!"

You cannot improvise well without knowing what key, dance or century you are in.

I leave you with this to think about. Just a thought to muse on. Meanwhile, we observe where this dance shall take us--President Trump had made his unanticipated, unwanted move--it is time to make our own.

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