I know you are out there, and you love every part of your being. I know you are very confident, kind, loving, true to yourself, and most of all, amazing. But you sometimes have those days when you feel like you can’t love yourself.

You feel resentment, have insecurities, and seem to have a hole in your heart. Old pains never seem to go away, and you feel “stuck in a rut”.

And because of this, you feel like you probably never even loved yourself. And I know it hurts, because you can’t distinguish whether you just “do or you don’t”.

It all turns into a whirlpool of thoughts, and you’re not in reality anymore. You are just a vessel until the phase is over.

I can’t say just love yourself and forget the negatives, because it is easier said than done. I can’t say let go, because I don’t know the amount of pain that you’ve gone through in your past, and maybe even how you handled it at the time. But I can say this much.

Embrace the negatives as they come, but don’t let it consume you. Everything you feel is normal, and they won’t last forever unless you let it.

Keep loving yourself as you are. By embracing your flaws, you are embracing everything that you are.

Remember, it is okay to feel this way, but not in the sense that you should feel this way. You are only human, and to not feel emotions, whether positive or negative, is literally impossible.

Finally, there is no perfect way of loving yourself, so just love yourself in a way that helps you not only love, but heal yourself.


A person who feels quite like you do.