15 Times The Gilmore Family Understood My Life On A Spiritual Level

The Gilmore family is diverse, hilarious, and, at times, heartwarming. Throughout the seasons, and the revival, there were numerous times that we ALL were jealous - or at least we wished that there was some way we could have our very own Gilmore in our lives.

1. When you're making life decisions

It happens, and if he doesn't have a motorcycle it's not worth it, right?

2. When you're letting a guy down easy

Can't just go breaking hearts all willy-nilly.

3. When you suck at expressing your feelings

Sometimes, they are idiots.

4. When you need to defend your junk food binges

Junk food is just a way of life every now and again.

5. When you just need comfort food

It's just like that some days.

6. When you have a big exam

We've all been there, and it sucks.

7. When you drink too much and hear about it the next day

Blackouts are the worst, I prefer to just call others crazy.

8. When you've got that 8 AM class

It's too early.

9. When your mom brings you back down to earth

We all need our mamas sometimes.

10. When you stand your ground in every argument

There's nothing wrong with being stubborn.

11. When you're just trying to be perfect

After all, who has a problem? Not me.

12. When you make bad decisions

Once again, your mama is always ready to call you out on that one.

13. When it's Monday

Mondays suck. They really do.

14. When your first boyfriend meets the family

That awkward manly thing that men do. Height is important, I guess.

15. When you have nothing to wear

A closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear.

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