The Gemini Sign: Explained
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The Gemini Sign: Explained

Gemini season is in full swing! Do you know a Gemini? Read to discover more about the Gemini sign and what makes them tick!

a gemini coin

I'll start you all off with some facts.

Gemini Facts

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Mercury

Spirit color: Yellow

Lucky Gemstone: Tigers Eye and Emerald

Flower: Lavender and Lily of the Valley

Top Love Match: Aries and Leo

Top Friend Match: Aquarius

Gemini is the sign of the twins, specifically, Castor and Pollux. As an air sign, Gemini's are essentially a "breath of fresh air" or just the opposite, they'll take your breath away. Gemini's are known for having two different personalities that they show to the world. This can come off as fake or flakey to other signs, but Gemini's are just flexible in the way of their personality and interests. They can change their mind at the drop of a hat, so don't take it too personally when they cancel plans. They're characterized by their kind, curious, adaptable, and witty personality.

Gemini's are an extremely social sign. They like to be in the middle of all the action and are described as the life of the party. They may be a little hard to keep up with and likely to talk entirely too much, but the twins just have SO much to say. Gemini's impulsive nature will provide you with some of your craziest-best of all-time memories. They will go along with anything and are never too scared to say no to a dare. They'll talk to anybody about anything. Need a wingman/wingwoman? A Gemini is your go-to.

There's a stigma that Gemini's like to gossip about their issues and everything in general--but what everyone else sees as gossip, Gemini's see as gathering information and sorting out their feelings on a subject. The twins won't agree sometimes, which can make a Gemini super indecisive, so they rely on their friends for advice and will likely reach out to multiple people before making a decision themselves. Gemini's are fiercely loyal and unapologetic, they won't hold their tongue if you're doing something that upsets them or if you're being disloyal to them. It will be hard to fool a Gemini, and they won't hesitate to cut you off with little explanation if you happen to pull something over on them.

Gemini's love, love and connection. They love to show love to others and connect with them, yet have a hard time showing love to themselves or opening up to others. They can take a step into someone else's shoes, and truly care about wanting to help make the world a better place. This air sign tends to see all sides of a situation and will do their best to understand everyone's point of view. As one of the most emotionally intelligent signs, Gemini's can adapt to just about any friend group or situation by reading the energy at that moment.

While there are many good things about the aspects of the Gemini sign, they can also be unreliable and impulsive. Impulsive is good in some situations, but not when you've just gotten paid and spend the entire paycheck on some random thing you see in a store. As if the twins weren't confusing enough, they can also be so indecisive that it makes getting anything done a challenge. They're a little nosy and want to know everything about everyone, and you may want to be careful in sharing secrets with a Gemini that you don't know too well because you never know if it may slip out. With that being said though, they're still loyal to their close friends.

Gemini season puts all of this into full effect, so be a little kinder and a little more cautious with the Gemini's that you know in their season. Want to know more? Check these sites out.

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