Throughout life you will meet some really great people.

People who you think will be your best friends, and that you will spend your whole high school or college years with. You will laugh, cry, and even get mad together. You will have code names for the boys that you think are cute. You will have sleepovers together, and basically live together. You couldn't imagine anything that could change at all, but however things change.

The friends I had to let go, are the friends who were bad influences on me.The friends that would do horrible things, all the time and would get mad If I didn't join them. The friends that will drag me along and do things that I wasn't comfortable with. The friends that will use me for my money, and don't appreciate our friendship. The friends that promised that they would always have my back but in reality they are the ones with the knife in their hands. The friends who ditch me for guys who are giving them a small amount of attention. The friends that don't share the same morals as me. The friends who won't take "no" as an answer. The friends who won't keep my secrets.

I'm here to tell you that you will meet some really great people in life, and you will meet some horrible people. The bad is always hidden in the good, and you will realize it before it's too late. You will meet people who try to put you down. People who won't believe in you or your dreams, or what you stand for. Being in college I can tell you that your friend group will get smaller or it may get bigger, but you have the choice to decide. You have control of your life and your future, one little mistake can ruin everything. Don't get blindsided by the fun in college, focus on what really matters.

Focus on the reason why you are here, and what you are trying to get done.

Find your true friends, you will know them when you meet them. Find people who bring positivity to your life, friends who will bring you up instead of tearing you down. Friends who respects your boundaries and your morals. Find friends who you can trust, and that you have a deeper understanding with. Listen to your mom because she can spot a fake friend faster than you can. "Mother knows best" as Mother Gothel, said. The one person you can always trust in life, and the person who is always there for you is your mom. As I get older, I notice my mom has became my best friend, and when something is wrong she is the first person I run to. She's the one friend that I would never let go.

Keep your head up and don't think that you are alone in life, when in reality you have the number one person on your side.