Even though I love being away at school, there are still some things that you can only get at home. This list if for those days where you're just sitting and waiting for your next class and thinking about how much you might hate school. If that's how you're feeling right now, power through! Soon you'll be able to go home and do all the things!

1. Your pets

There’s nothing better than coming home to your awaiting pets and smothering them with hugs. Even though there's a ninety-percent chance that my dog will growl at me for doing just that, I do it anyway. However, if you’re really lucky, they’ll react like those dogs that go viral for the way they greet their humans after being deployed for a long time. Regardless of how they initially react there’s nothing better than snuggling up to your pets after a long time of being apart.

2. Your family

No matter who your family might be, whether they’re actually related to you or not, coming home to a big hug from them is the best. Yeah, we might be budding adults but every now and then you need a hug from someone who has their life together. They remind you that things really will be okay.

3. All the food

If your family is anything like mine, you're about to be eating good for the next couple of days. There’s just something about your mom making you your favorite meal. Yeah, you might try to replicate it from time to time at school, but you know it’ll never be as good. So, sit back, unbutton the top button of your jeans and enjoy all the things.

4. Being able to relax in your space

Coming home from being away at school and laying down in your own bed might be the best thing ever. There’s just something familiar about snuggling up in your favorite sheets in your room that makes everything a little better. You sleep sounder and you wake up feeling much more refreshed than you ever could at school. I think sleeping in your bed from home might actually have ~healing powers~.

5. Hanging out with old friends

Whether it’s going to your favorite frozen yogurt place or catching up at your home church these moments are great. Even though miles might separate you during the week, or the school year truly old friends can catch up right where they left off.

Being away at school might be great, but there really is no place like home.