The Feelings of Finals Week, as Told by the Cast of Friends

With T-2 days until the official start of finals week, things are getting a little crazy. 24/7 quiet hours, late nights studying, taking breaks to eat, sleep, cry, shower, etc. When you're stuck until 3 am studying for your most feared for final, it's good to know you're not alone. We're all freaking out!

I'm fine, really!

After staying up two days straight surviving on only coffee and the small will to finish the semester strong.

Cleaning out your dorm room, which you should've done weeks ago

Finding out your finals are cumulative

Waiting for the last day of finals as if it's life or death

Napping at weird times in weird places

Eating at weird times in weird places

Wearing whatever you want to finals because no one is awake enough to notice

Trying to give motivation to your friends when you can't even study for more than 5 minutes

Spending quality time with your friends, since you won't see them for 5 weeks :(

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