Mysore Palace: The Famous Monument of India
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Mysore Palace: The Famous Monument of India

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Mysore Palace: The Famous Monument of India

When it comes to monuments- India is known for it, thanks to our modest historians who welcomed all kind of people whether they were good or in garb of wolf that plundered the famous golden bird. India inherits mega beautiful monuments, which are exotic, and give breathtaking experiences. One such place which is housing many such monuments is Mysore, and the one and most famous monument which keeps tourist mouth wide opened due to its charismatic and gorgeousness royal appearance amidst all palaces is "Mysore palace" also known as "Amba Vilas Palace".

It is a famous historical palace belonging to royal Wadiyar dynasty; located In Karnataka in centre of Mysore and face the tall Chamudi Hills. It is next in a row to "Taj Mahal" when it comes to famous tourist spots in India.

Moving to history, the place where the monument stands was known as "Old Fort": king Yaduraya in the famous dynasty of Wadiyar built the first palace inside the old fort. Historians reveal that the original Mysore palace was demolished and rebuilt for multitudes of time. The palace which stands now came into the picture in the year 1912. It took more than a decade to construct the famous monument of India "The Mysore Palace". Digging deeper in history showcases that King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV along with his mother appointed a British architect to build the current palace, and it was designed in a style very famous in that era.

Mysore Palace is Pride of Karnataka and India combined, the palace has been moulded into a museum, and all royal heritage like the paintings, jewellery, royal dresses, souvenirs, gold items are well protected and showcased to visitors.

Amazing facts about this famous monument of India:

  • The Mysore palace is amongst one of the largest palaces of its kind in India.
  • The architect appointed to oversee the designing of Mysore palace was a British man named Henry Irwin, he adopted an Indo-Saracenic architectural style (it's a mixture of Rajasthani, Mughal and Marathas).
  • Mysore palace is many times compared with Buckingham Palace of Britain because of its grandiosity.
  • Mysore palace is one amongst the famous monuments of India which is been targeted for "digital archiving"

Things one should not miss while visiting the palace:

  • Three storeyed building which you will admire with all your heart. It has a height and breadth of 245 x 150 feet's, respectively; it gets further beautified with a series of square towers and arches covered by domes
  • The open courtyard in the centre of the building is very beautiful and it's endowed with gold plated domes increasing its architectural beauty manifolds
  • Antique artwork collection consisting of painting and portraits of the palace
  • Stunning huge rooms of the palace, these are spectacular and mind-blowing with its extraordinary beauty
  • Diwan-e-khas special rooms used by kings for their personal affairs
  • Must watch- Gombe Thotti, is an elephant sculpture decorated with 84 kilos of gold
  • Famous marriage hall the Kalyan Mantapa
  • 12 beautiful temples, one among them is from the 14th century
  • Mysore palace is famous for its Dussehra celebrations when the entire palace is decorated with lights and sound shows, this takes place in the evenings for exceptions on Sundays and public holidays

Options to reach Mysore Palace:

Bengaluru is one of the famous cities of India. The best way is to reach Bengaluru and then the destination i.e. the famous monuments of India "Mysore Palace". By air, the nearest airport to Mysore is the Bengaluru airport.

Distance between Mysore and Bengaluru is about 14km and time taken to cover is about 3- 4 hours, one can rent a car or take a taxi to Mysore and enjoy sightseeing along the way to Mysore, Cabs can be booked with help of the travel agents in places like Bengaluru, Ooty, Coorg and nearby cities at reasonable fares.

By Bus route, one can board a bus from Kempeggoeda Bus station located near to Bengaluru city railway station to Mysore.

By Train, Mysore railway station is connected to all the major cities of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, via direct trains.

Time and schedule for tourist:

Visiting hour's starts at 10 am morning till 5.30 evening –Every Monday to Saturday.

We get Dusshera special light and sound show in evenings, Monday to

Wednesday show is conducted in Kannand and other three days in English.

Other nearby attractions:

Once in Mysore other Places of interest are Chamundi hills, Karanji lake, Jagan mohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Vasantha Mahal, karanji Vilas and Rajendra Vilas.

So do visit this historical monument of India.

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